The Girl Bands Of Westport

I’m not sure how I missed this story. Maybe I was listening to music, instead of reading.

But last week the New York Times featured 25 female bands “making some of the most acclaimed, urgent, politically relevant music around.”

Three of them — fully 12% — include Staples High School grads.

Charly Bliss is an all-Staples group. Three are guys — Sam Hendricks, Spencer Fox and Dan Shure — but the Times singles out lead singer Eva Hendricks.

Her “gooey croon tops ’90s-style power-pop songs that slide from major to minor, sweet to sour,” the paper says. Click here to listen.

Palehound features Ellen Kemper. The singer-songwriter “builds songs out of everyday details, with music that can whisper or roar,” writes the Times. Click here to listen.

The quartet Mannequin Pussy, meanwhile — with Marisa Dabice — “captures all flavors of emotional torment in short bursts that range from ferociously thrashy to delicately melodic.” Click here to listen.

(Photos/New York Times)

And you thought the fact that the Doors, Cream and Sly & the Family Stone played at Staples was cool!

(Hat tip: Katherine Ross)

5 responses to “The Girl Bands Of Westport

  1. Nice bit of news Dan… they are on our musical radar.

  2. Girls,
    join the American Federation of Musicians !
    you will be glad you did in the future.

  3. Very cool. I wonder what types of opportunities they had to play, i.e. what venues they played at, when they were in middle school and high school here.

  4. While not with their current projects, Toquet Hall (Westport’s Teen Center) was a least one of the venues where several of them played regularly while students (solo and in other bands). They were terrific back then and it’s awesome to see them continue to pursue their love of music and be recognized for their talent!

  5. Palehound has 1.4 million listens to their top song on Spotify and a Tiny Desk concert, that’s some serous indie credentials: