Sound Off On Compo Crowding

From South Beach grills to the Schlaet’s Point jetty, Westporters chattered all summer long about the ever-increasing crowds at — and lines of cars waiting to  get into — Compo Beach.

(They also commented on the sudden invasion of circus-size tents. But that’s another story.)

Welcome to Compo!

Now you can do more than talk (or post on Facebook and “06880”).

Item #4 on the Parks and Recreation Commission’s Wednesday, September 13 meeting (8 p.m., Town Hall auditorium) is to “take such action as the meeting may determine relative to resident concerns regarding parking at Compo Beach (discussion only).”

Commissioners know there were several days this summer when the parking lots were temporarily closed. They recognize that Uber does a booming business dropping off large numbers of beach-goers.

They’re ready for feedback from residents, to review statistics and share preliminary thoughts.

Parks & Rec chair Charlie Haberstroh promises his commission will review “all aspects of the Compo Beach experience.” That includes:

  • Operations in general, including maintenance
  • Procedures for entering the beach, including processing time for daily permit buyers
  • The number and cost of permits issued to all constituencies, including town residents and purchasers of out-of-town daily and seasonal passes, and Westonites
  • Other issues which have been and will be raised by residents.

On October 18, Parks & Rec will listen to recommendations of the Parks & Rec Department for addressing issues raised. That meeting will also serve as a forum for additional comments from residents.

Haberstroh knows that next Wednesday is Back to School Night for all elementary schools. He encourages anyone who cannot attend Wednesday to email him ( Comments will be read into the public record, and entered into the minutes.

This is a great chance for Westporters — on all sides of the issue — to make their voices heard.

But if you go Wednesday, be ready to sit through brief reports from the boating, golf, parks and racquets advisory committees first.

10 responses to “Sound Off On Compo Crowding

  1. I say in the name of social justice, fairness and equality Westport should eliminate guards at the gate and make Compo a “free all-inclusive beach”
    Think of it as an “open borders” beach or a “sanctuary” beach….open to all regardless of income or residency without the fear of incurring a fine.

    The final decision should be based strictly on emotion and compassion….not on the inconvenience of the wealthy.

  2. My suggestion : today, Saturday, is a nice beach day. I think the town police with the help of Sheriff Arpaio, an expert in these matters, should go down the beach and ask everyone for proof that they were born in Westport. Begin with the darker skinned and anyone not speaking English. Anyone lacking such proof will be escorted to a “camp” constructed with the expertise supplied by the Sheriff.
    ADW Staples 1956

  3. Just be patient and give it 5 years. “Non Existent” Global Warning will move the beach and the entrance to Post Road.

  4. Christine Schatz

    I know that a lot of people who read this have been in Westport for a very long time. Have they ever tried a system besides the parking passes? Like a daily beach bracelet? (Residents could have permanent tags with bar codes that they keep in their bags if they don’t want to wear it). Enforcement would be a pain, but the charge to buy one could be minimal and the charge for being found without one could be large.

  5. Westport beaches are for Westport residents……..we have State beaches to accommodate all others…..problem solved.

  6. Wesley Malowitz

    Wrong!!! Land held by a
    municipality as a public park or public beach is held
    for the use of the general public and not solely for use
    by residents of the municipality. Not only is this the proper way to view publicly owned land, such as Compo Beach, but it is settled law in CT. See