One ‘4’ The Record Books: The Sequel

Yesterday morning, I posted a photo of an exceptionally entitled driver. He (or she) took up not 2 or 3, but 4 (!) spaces in the Trader Joe’s lot.

A couple of hours later, alert “06880” reader Mark Ames spotted this guy (or gal) doing the same:

I’m not sure if he (or she) was inspired by the other guy (or gal). Perhaps there’s just a new epidemic of snag-as-many-spots-as-you-can parking maneuvers.

I should mention: This was not in the Trader Joe’s lot.

It was across the street — behind CVS.

Close enough.

8 responses to “One ‘4’ The Record Books: The Sequel

  1. Bonnie Bradley

    Think these people park like this in order to “protect” their vehicles from being dinged or scratched by other cars @ side by side parking spaces. Selfish ego trip.

  2. I would park legally in the left space as close as possible to this idiots driver side door so they have to get in through the passenger side.

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    And, I would park on the other side of this driver so PhooPhan and I have him blocked in, enough so that they are unable to move forward or backward!

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    And then wait, preferably somewhere less noticeable, with cameras ready, and film this driver’s … um … “response” when they come back.

    Would be priceless!

  5. I wonder what he was getting in CVS…..????

  6. It is a shame these incidents aren’t “ticketable” offenses. Maybe the police could send them a copy of the captured photo with a letter stating how it inconveniences others. I might go into the store and tell the manager someone was taking up 4 places. Hopefully they would announce the deed and license plate # over the intercom and request it be removed ASAP. But none of that may matter to such an entitled individual.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      It’s private property – I’m sure the police rather leave it up to the property managers to scold them. Dan’s version of the public shaming is a good way to do with without using resources or putting another driver in harm via a “parking lot rage” incident. I suspect you are correct though, in that those entitled enough to park like this would feel no shame at their actions.

  7. Sometimes wonder if people just drive to the CVS when they’re drunk, and that’s the reason for that kind of parking?? I’m actually not kidding.