One ‘4’ The Record Books

I’ve posted plenty of photos of entitled drivers taking up 2 parking spaces. A few times, they’ve stretched across 3.

But this may be the first time any driver has managed to occupy 4 spots at once.

(Photo/Rob Gutman)

It was taken — of course! — in the  Trader Joe’s lot, near Wells Fargo.

“06880” challenges anyone to try for 5.

Wait — I’m kidding…!

15 responses to “One ‘4’ The Record Books

  1. Turn him sideways and he could do 6.

  2. I am sure he was only going to be five minutes

  3. Priceless!

  4. With all the brainpower in Westport someone should be able to come up with a solution to this problem. A photo of the license plate (and an identification of the owner with an 8 x 10 glossie) might help. But I only dream that someone has the smarts to do this formidable task. Maybe it’s time for can of black paint or fly paper attached to the windshield.

  5. And it wasn’t even a Maserati! We know They Are entitled to whatever space they want. 😉 (And Evan Stein beat me to my punchline 🙂 )

  6. Time to add names to faces

    Joey Kaempfer

  7. Kathryn Sirico

    Sorry…….. as a Maserati owner I NEVER take more than 1 space

  8. Robert Fatherley

    7AP XRP should be ashamed of itself. >

  9. he he he

  10. Aren’t you dying to ask him what (if) he was thinking!

  11. Michael Calise

    Its a pickup with 4 space drive!

  12. Just call him her the typical entitled brain dead driver, lots of them here!

  13. Now I KNOW it’s a contest! mmm