Avi Kaner Does Bloomberg

Westport knows Avi Kaner as our 2nd selectman.

Yesterday, the rest of America knew him as a grocery store expert.

Kaner was interviewed by Bloomberg TV. The subject was Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, and how rival businesses can compete on price.

The owner of Morton Williams — a 15-store New York supermarket chain — could not see the graphics being shown. If he’d been able to, Kaner says, he would have responded specifically to them.

Avi Kaner on TV.

Nonetheless, he did a great job answering questions like how responsive suppliers will be to Kaner compared to Jeff Bezos, and how to avoid a price war when Amazon/Whole Foods doesn’t mind one.

For Kaner’s deep dive into all things avocado, guacamole and banana, click here.

One response to “Avi Kaner Does Bloomberg

  1. Posted By: Susan Farley

    (Proving WSPT is everywhere, 🙂

    I live in downtown NYC, my early am pre-gym shopping is at Morton Williams, And my later day fresh juice & smoothies are bought at Whole Foods, i.e. I know both for years. I’ve actually been shopping at the Washington Sq Pk Morton Williams since an NYU student in 1991, ; -)

    On a very practical level, unless Amazon purchase changes a lot of store level operational – culture at Whole Foods, smaller chains and esp Morton Williams & D’agostinos will still win even if they can’t always sell at a lower price Because they are so much cleaner, i.e., the aisles AND the fruits & vegetables themselves, pre-prepared foods, etc. everyone I know has a few Whole Foods bad luck stories based on lack of cleanliness and not-freshness, But never when it comes to Morton Williams, D’Agostinso size chains. As far as New Yorkers are concerned, The few dollars you save at Whole Foods isn’t greater than what gtg sick from dirty food, or even just having to go back return and pick up fresh replacement costs in time and money.

    (And, good for Morton Williams & d’agostinos too for taking such good care of employees who are now trying to work there AND use GovCuomos free tuition for SUNY students; a favorite early am Morton Williams Wash Sq Park cashier now also book keeper at my reg Morton Williams is only able to be 1st in her family to go to college because Morton Williams is not just accommodating her school schedule But also promoted her, : -) Def. a store everyone feels good about shopping at.