Unsung Hero #13

You’ve seen the signs around town, wherever his crew is at work: “William Evans Painting.”

But — as good and professional as he is — Bill Evans is much more than a house painter.

His true passion is gathering goods, food, clothing, furniture and more for people in need.

Bill heads CT Quest for Peace — an organization that contributes time, resources, and financial aid to a dozen missions in Nicaragua. They include schools, a trade learning center, medical facilities, a maternity hospital, a burn center and an orphanage.

Bill ensures that (literally) tons of needed supplies are sent to Central America. He also supports nutrition programs, has started scholarship programs, and contributes to loan programs.

Bill Evans

Bill brings his collected goods to a warehouse in Bridgeport, where he sorts them. He travels to Nicaragua twice a year to interact with local communities and organizations, identify new areas of need, and plan for the distribution of his resources. 

But it’s not just Nicaragua. The longtime Westporter collects and repairs wheelchairs and walkers for people in Somalia.

Bill also helps local folks. Recently, he provided furniture and clothes to a refugee family. He delivered it personally — and helped set everything up.

Bill relies on many volunteers to help. He pays people — those who need the money — for their efforts.

In 2012 Bill received Fairfield Prep’s St. Ignatius Alumni Award, presented to graduates for their accomplishments and commitment to justice.

Bill Evans grew up in Stamford. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnical Institute with a bachelor’s in chemical engineering.

He carried on the painting business (currently William Evans Painting) that he and his brothers started to help pay their tuitions to Prep and college. He and his wife Joyce have 4 children: Bryan, Abby, Tim and Molly.

Thanks, Bill, for helping make the world a better place — and all of us, better people.

(Hat tip: Julie Shapiro. To nominate an unsung hero, email dwoog@optonline.net)

19 responses to “Unsung Hero #13

  1. Anne Rutherford and Jim Ross

    We admire Bill so much for his unflagging enthusiasm for helping others. He is most deserving of this!
    Anne Rutherford and Jim Ross

  2. Peter R Powell

    Bill is one of the real gifts to Westport. He also helped by donating services to Homes with Hope.

  3. Richard Santalesa

    Really great Dan in highlighting all the folks who do good works out of sight and unsung by and large. And a big shout out to Mr. Evans for his good works. Thank you, Sir! Very inspirational.

  4. Ruth Donohue

    A wonderful, generous man. He and his crew are also terrific painters.

  5. Very cool story, Dan!

  6. Nancy Austin

    So nice to find this out about Bill. He is modest about his charitable work. A man to be admired! And a good painting service too!!

  7. Our entire family loves Bill Evans! My Grandparents moved to Westport in the 1970’s and Bill was a student at the time and he and his brothers painted their home. He continue to work for my mother in that same home and us as well. Bill has always come to our rescue when we had storm damage issues and he could problem-solve everything related to our home. We are proud to call him a painter extraordinaire and our friend.

  8. Danielle Dobin

    Bill Evans is the best!

  9. Scott Broder

    In addition to all the wonderful philanthropic accolades mentioned, Bill also was a talented dancer & actor years ago (late 80’s – early 90’s) at the Academy of Dance “Nutcracker ballet” for the holiday season. He entertained and inspired many in these performances! Kudos Bill, for you are a unique gem here in Westport💥❗️

  10. Scott Broder

    Julia & Scott Broder


  11. With all modesty, my brother is even more generous and humble than this kind article has portrayed. I’m so glad to see him publicly honored.

  12. Brie Garrison

    I’m so thrilled for Bill, he truly is the definition of an unsung hero and gentleman and I agree with his brother Matt, there is so much more that Bill does and all of it is with humility and compassion. Well deserved!!

  13. Matthew Evans

    From my mom, Terry Evans-“I am Bill’s mom, I am so proud of all Bill does for everyone. He also has a great sense of humor. People really enjoy being around him.”

  14. Sam Carpenter

    #13 in this program, but #1 in our hearts. I speak for my entire extended family when I say knowing Bill & seeing the work he does has been one of the great honors of our lives!

  15. I was once with Bill when his parked car was blocked-in by a moving truck. Instead of getting angry with them, he helped them carry their sofa up a curved flight of stairs! That’s Bill Evans.

  16. Brooks Sumberg

    Bill is the benchmark for charity to others. I applaud his work

  17. Thanks for all the kinds words from everyone. We are so blessed to live in a community where there are opportunities and so many people with big hearts who want to help. We work together and amazing things get done!

  18. I think I can speak for all of NicaPhoto when I say that we have been blessed to know Bill and to call him a friend. He has helped and supported us in so many ways, from sending materials to giving sound advise and problem solving on construction projects. His compassion and generosity are an example for all!!

  19. Janet Ambrosecchio

    For me It has been an honor to know Bill. He’s so generous and humble!..from the bottom of my heart Thank You for all you do for Nicaphoto and all the other missions in Nicaragua!!