Be Careful Out There!

School starts Thursday. (Sorry, kids — and parents — for the buzzkill.)

To raise awareness — and reduce the chances that notoriously inattentive drivers will be surprised to see school buses and kids sharing the streets – the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association just released a public service video.

Viewers all over the state will see it. It’s clever and punchy. The stars on screen include 1st Selectman Jim Marpe, Police Chief Foti Koskinas, and Westport cops, students, athletes — even our buses.

The message is clear: With buses on the road, allow extra travel time. Be alert. Don’t you dare pass when bus lights are flashing. Remind your kids how to behave too.

Perhaps Westport is featured in this statewide video because local drivers are the worst in Connecticut.

Perhaps it’s because the Concept Studio of Westport helped produce the PSA.

Perhaps it’s a combination.

Whatever the reason, it’s well worth watching.

4 responses to “Be Careful Out There!

  1. Jane Lassner


  2. Hi Dan,

    I read yesterday’s post and thought you might like to hear this Westport story:

    When we moved out from Manhattan to Westport my wife got so frustrated with driving the kids from activity to activity, she said “I’m solving my own problem!”. She founded GoKid which helps parents to invite each other and organize carpools.

    So, starting from our Westport kitchen table, GoKid is now being used in 25 countries, 650 cities with more than 40,000 carpools – with no marketing. Her 10-people team is funded by Techstars, Jaguar Landrover among others.

    I have attached their first press release for you. Maybe a nice back to school story with the encouragement to download and save time, money and resources. It’s free and based on families knowing and trusting each other.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  3. That was great!!