For the 3rd time in history, a golfer has shot a 59 on the Longshore golf course.

This time though, there’s no asterisk.

The other day, assistant club pro Chris Davies fired that record-tying score.

That ties the round shot previously by Andrew Gai and former head pro John Cooper.

Chris Davies

However, Gai was playing alone — so it’s unofficial. And Cooper’s round came when the 17th hole was under renovation. The hole was playing as a par 3, making the course a par 68.

Davies was playing in a threesome, on the par 69 course.

Actually, he does have an asterisk. But it’s a great one.

Davies — who in addition to his other duties is in charge of the junior program — got a hole-in-one on his record-tying afternoon. It came on the 8th hole.

So while the traditional “ace” drinks were on him, we should all drink a round to his incredible round.

Chris Davies’ scorecard

11 responses to “59!

  1. Congratulations Chris… Well done…

  2. CD! You da man!

  3. Caryl Beatus


  4. Big deal, I’ve shot plenty of 59’s in my time — followed immediately by another 59 for the next nine holes.

  5. Congratulations Chris (CD). You are my hero

  6. Holly Wheeler

    WELL DONE, Chris !!!!

  7. Chris has done a wonderful job with the junior program. He is a great golf coach in addition to being a great golfer. We are lucky to have you Chris.

  8. WAIT here.. Andrew Gai most certainly was not playing alone. The woman who was playing with him signed the card. This is from your blog quoting another blog, there is the woman’s name. BEGIN COPY/PASTE
    Yes, Chris and John know.. .they still have the card which was appropriately signed. Thanks for being so thorough. (Andrew’s PR Machine, A.K.A his mom)
    Gayla Halbrecht
    9:12 am on Wednesday, August 1, 2012
    I witnessed this extraordinary feat by this very mature young man. Most impressive!
    Congratulations, Andrew, once again. I look forward to seeing you on tour – soon!

    Gayla Halbrecht, former resident of Westport and avid golfer. END COPY/PASTE

    There you go.. he was NOT alone and it’s official.
    It should NOT be unofficial any longer. This isn’t a fluke… Andrew has proven his talent over and over.