Pic Of The Day #128

Compo Beach slobs (Photo/Tom Feeley)

10 responses to “Pic Of The Day #128

  1. I would like to think those slobs had a day pass because someone who lived in Westport who loved and respected their beach would never do that. Right?

    • Luciano Morelli

      I would venture to say 75% of the households in Westport probably have help cleaning their house, so why should this dereliction of duty come as a surprise?

  2. What you need is pictures of people starting to walk away from their mess. Show us the Face of a Slob. Ridicule can be a great force.

  3. I agree maybe a camera and posted pictures of the slobs might help but a slob is a slob and most don’t care. Most slobs and rude inconsiderate drivers are all about them! One coming out of the beach tonight drove right thru stop sign missing me by inches and went up Blue Water Hill.

  4. Remember “Don’t be a Litterbug”. My kids couldn’t even believe that such a silly saying was needed. I guess its time to bring it back, sad.

  5. Horrible. May I venture a guess these are not residents?

    • I wouldn’t, Debra. You should have seen the stuff people left at their outdoor tables at Aux Delices yesterday, and how much they always leave at Starbucks. It could be anyone.

  6. Sally Campbell Palmer

    I’ll never understand this behavior.

  7. omg – before yous start blaming ‘those out of towners’ – just go to staples high school after the kids eat lunch, There is food and stuff all over the place – on the tables, on the floor, next to the trash barrels (their long shot missed). And if that is not enough to convince you then walk into the locker rooms going to the pool after a school day. It is totally disgusting. The maintenance staff deserves combat pay. This picture saddens me, but it does not surprise me.

  8. We need the one teared Native American guy commercials back. It was a powerful anti-littering message back in the 60’s and 70’s. I never forgot it.

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