No S***! Permanent Port-o-Potty Plants Self In Town

Port-o-potties are a necessary — if not particularly lovely — part of our lives.

We see (and use) them at construction sites. There are a few at Wakeman Fields. Every year for the fireworks, dozens are trucked in to Compo Beach.

But we seldom see a portable toilet just sitting, all by its lonesome, by the side of a regular road.

Yet that’s where this guy has been, for weeks — perhaps months.

A curious (nosy?) Westporter has seen it for a long time now. It’s on Nyala Farms Road — the little cut-through that connects Greens Farms Road with the Sherwood Island Connector, just north of the Bridgewater office complex.

That may give one clue to why it (the port-o-potty, not the hedge fund) is there.

“It’s on the stretch where limos sit — often with engines idling — in hot and cold weather,” says the alert “06880” reader who stopped by the john the other day.

To take a picture, mind you.

Not to use the facility.

(If anyone knows why this particular port-o-potty is there, click “Comments” below. Snide political remarks will be removed!)

10 responses to “No S***! Permanent Port-o-Potty Plants Self In Town

  1. In other news, the Marpe Administration announced the recent completion of its new visitor welcome center just off I95. Owing to pending state cutbacks, the scope of the long awaited amenity has been slightly scaled back.

  2. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    “It’s on the stretch where limos sit — often with engines idling…

    Boy that sure isn’t the Westport I knew and loved…

    • Dorrie Barlow Thomas

      Yeah, what exactly does that line mean?!?! Are these limos for the hedge fund folks? Or just the everyday Westporter?! 😜

  3. In other local news, the Westport Dept. of Public Works has announced that, as part of Westport’s exciting commitment to the new Net Zero environmental initiative, it will immediately begin phasing out resource hogging sanitary sewers – starting with Greens Farms. The town’s sewer system will be replaced with “strategically located community comfort stations”, according to an unnamed department source. These will feature “state-of-the-art combination shower/toilets together with a WiFi hot spot and cell phone charger”. Residents may book appointments to use these low carbon footprint facilities at no cost online. However, there will be a small transaction fee for “emergency requests”.

  4. Werner Liepolt

    This property enjoys a special DDD zoning designation which allows a business to operate in an otherwise residential area. I don’t know whether the installation of a permanent port-a-potty and the daily line of idling vehicles is allowed there. Maybe a zoning officer and/or the Greens Farms Association can provide that information and correct the situation?

  5. Dorian Barth

    Well, if the limo drivers are left idling
    long enough, I’m sure they would welcome a port-o-san.

  6. Dan, did anyone call 800-234-6545 to ask “A Royal Flush” to ask who is paying the rent on this? Just curious.

  7. Arthur Schoeller

    To the best of my knowledge this port a potty showed up during a recently completed construction project along Nyala Farms Road which improved the drainage issues on the border of the property and shoulder along the road. The article indicates that it has been there longer, which I am pretty certain is not the case. I have posted an inquiry to the CEO of BLT who owns Nyala Farms to see what will happen here.

    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

  8. Arthur Schoeller

    I just got word from the CEO of Building, Land, and Technology, (BLT) the owner of Nyala Farms and he confirmed that it was put for the construction project. In fact it was The Town Of Westport installing a water line. So the town is responsible for contacting the contractor to have it removed.

    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

    • Thanks Art. These things aren’t typically rented for free so, after all this, it seems the joke is likely on us.