SRO For Solar Eclipse

The largest Rolnick Observatory crowd since the formation of the universe clogged Bayberry Lane today. Westporters of all ages — particularly kids — headed to the highest spot in town, to watch the much-anticipated solar eclipse.

It was — at least this afternoon — also the coolest place to be.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

(Photo/Frank Rosen)

(Photo/Frank Rosen)

(Photo/Frank Rosen)

(Photo/Frank Rosen)

A group of Coleytown teachers watched (safely) at Compo Beach:

(Photo/Ted Horowitz)

Meanwhile, Robin Singer had her own special glasses:

5 responses to “SRO For Solar Eclipse

  1. I’m watching it on TV. They show the sun from all over the US. Much more comfortable.

  2. Connie Brandt Bentley

    94% in our backyard in NW Washington State. No glasses available so we held up a colander and looked at multiple little eclipses on a big piece of white paper. We had the ABC video stream on the iPad. Very festive morning at our house.

  3. HI Dan, These are great Thanks, Dan >

  4. I LOVED being at the Observatory – a true Westport event although an eclipse is certainly not about us small, impermanent specks in the universe.