Scenes From A Solar Eclipse

If you still have your retinas, check out these photos from today’s solar eclipse:

The view at Compo Beach, during the maximum coverage around 2:45 p.m. (Photo copyright Ted Horowitz)

Former Westporter Vanessa Bradford takes in the view in Fairfield.

100-year-old Aileen DeLeon checks out the action on a youngster’s phone. (Photo/Frank Rosen)

Watching safely at Compo. (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Custom viewing, courtesy of Randall Hammond.

The eclipse itself, photographed by Dan Johnson.

2 responses to “Scenes From A Solar Eclipse

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    “If you still have your retinas … ”

    Saw great coverage of the total eclipse on the Weather Channel today … wish I could’ve been at one of those “hot spots” myself.

    But nope, I was in my backyard in Trumbull, and my iPhone pics looked just like the first Compo pic here, around 2:45 today, with no discernible moon shape … just a hint of the muted glare of the sun.

    Wish I’d thought ahead of time to get a pair of those safe-viewing glasses. Oh well.

  2. Trish Lawrence

    someone has to be inspired to paint by that first photo Munch/Van Gogh?Two of our kids are down in Charleston SC and said the experience was simply surreal!