Where “06880” Meets The World (Swedish Edition)

As an All-American goalkeeper, James Hickok led the Staples High School soccer team to 3 FCIAC titles.

At Dartmouth College, he captained the Big Green to their 3rd straight Ivy League crown last fall.

Hickok graduated in the spring. UBS hired him as an analyst.

But they allowed him to defer work for a year. First, he’s playing professional soccer.

After trials in Spain and Scotland, Hickok was signed last week by Swedish club Gimo IF FK.

He headed overseas. He walked into the clubhouse — and there, among the dozens of banners hanging from the rafters, he spotted a very familiar one:

The Westport Soccer Association pennant was exchanged with Gimo when the youth teams met years ago, at the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden.

And — in another reminder that this is indeed a very small world — the coach of that Westport team became (years later) Hickok’s Staples coach.

How do I know?

That coach was me.

NOTE: James Hickok made 12 saves in his professional debut yesterday.

James Hickok in Sweden.

9 responses to “Where “06880” Meets The World (Swedish Edition)

  1. A really nice story, a “beautiful game”.

  2. Wow! Uncanny! Never cease to love your blog, Dan.

  3. Obviously I’m biased–but this is indeed a very cool, small world story. And James is indeed fortunate to have an employer who is letting him defer the start of his job to pursue pro soccer in Europe. Best of luck to James.

    PS–12 saves?! Where are his defenders?

  4. Great story. You’ve given so many of us so much over the years Dan. You are the gift that keeps giving. John

  5. Elaine Marino

    “It’s a small world after all.” What a great story! I went to Gothia Cup last summer with my daughter, three of her buddies and their moms. It was a wonderful experience that created lifelong memories. Best of luck to James!

  6. Jennifer Barnes

    Dan  Just a small note re your post above.  My son Graham Barnes went to Dartmouth soccer camp this summer.  While he was on the young side as a rising freshman , one of his take aways was how the current players and coaches when  they heard he was from Westport , commented how many solid  players had come to Dartmouth from Westport and lead the team as captains.  obviously a great legacy !  Jen

    • Thanks, Jennifer. We are very proud of our connection with Dartmouth — and many other excellent schools. I look forward to Graham continuing those legacies!

  7. I think anyone that knows James would say of all his talents and accomplishments his character is what shines above them all. He is one of the most respectful and modest people I know. In the end, his work ethic, talent, and focus are why he is there.