See The Solar Eclipse With Westport “Stars”

Though the full total solar eclipse next Monday (August 21) is visible along a narrow path from Oregon to South Carolina, Westporters can enjoy 70% of the event.

The Westport Astronomical Society is opening the Rolnick Observatory (182 Bayberry Lane) to anyone who wants to watch. They’ll provide solar telescopes and safety glasses. Experts will be on hand to provide commentary and insights.

The eclipse runs from 1:24 p.m. to 4 p.m. The maximum eclipse is at 2:45 p.m.

The Astronomical Society is not responsible for clouds.



5 responses to “See The Solar Eclipse With Westport “Stars”

  1. For those who can observe Monday’s solar eclipse, please do so. Here in Westport, we should reach about 70% occlusion (being obscured). I do caution people AGAINST looking DIRECTLY at the eclipse. Not only is the sun really bright (duh!), but the sun also gives off harmful rays that can damage your eyes. Many of the glasses being distributed for viewing the sun are being recalled because they’re NOT SAFE. Here are some guidelines from NASA: The SAFEST way to view the eclipse is through a projected image, either from a telescope that’s projecting an image onto a piece of paper or screen or a simple to make pinhole camera. Here’s a short video from NASA about making a pinhole camera out of a cereal box: Enjoy the solar eclipse and be safe, too.

  2. Is this open to non-Westporters?

  3. ALL OUT! Such a shame the observatory ran out of glasses 15 minutes before their published 1 pm opening. Good intentions but after significant advertising, turns out Rolnick only ordered 200 pair of glasses but had hundreds and hundreds waiting in line for them. They should have advertised first 200 people get glasses! A disappointed westporter!

    • Correction, only 75 pair were ordered and hundreds showed up from all over Fairfield County. But the festive atmosphere is making up for the disappointment!