Pic Of The Day #118

Main Street, deserted at night (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

7 responses to “Pic Of The Day #118

  1. I like this perspective.

  2. I meant to add: what day of the week and what time of night? Thanks.

  3. Katherine Bruan

    Thank you!! It was a Wednesday night probably around 10:30-11pm. It gets deserted early in these parts.
    When I first moved to Westport I asked at the Town Hall what day of the week was “late night” in town. I was surprised they didn’t have one. It’s great to have one night a week where the shops and stuff are open until 9pm. Ours was Wednesday. Great for working people, great for store/restaurant owners and even the kids all seem to come out and walk around too. It’s a nice thing. It was the favorite night of the week where I used to live. The town was packed.

  4. I remember that too. Or shared imagination

  5. Carol Buffinton

    I love this idea or reincarnation!

  6. Roberta Tager


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