Photo Challenge #136

In a week in which Anthony Scaramucci — remember him? — went on a XXX  rampage, I can be forgiven for posting a photo of a “Pee-Free Zone.”

Lynn U. Miller took the image at the Connecticut Humane Society, just up the hill from Compo Shopping Center. Pat Welburg/Welden, Angela Simpson, Dorian Barth and Julie Macdonald knew that the curious sign was there (and not, as others guessed, Winslow dog park). Click here to see the photo, and all comments. 

Naming this week’s photo challenge is easy. It’s the Platt Burial Ground!

(Photo/Molly Alger)

The hard part is knowing where it is. If you do — no cheating! — click “Comments” below.

13 responses to “Photo Challenge #136

  1. On the westport side of Whole Foods

  2. The Post Road cemetery. Westport Avenue (US 1) right at the border of Norwalk and Westport, CT

  3. Ellen Greenberg

    Next to Whole Foods

  4. In 1812 Samuel Platt willed a small lot to be used as a family cemetery which was used into the 20th Century on Post Road West, next to whole Foods shopping area. The cemetery is now owned and preserved by the town.

  5. Post rd next to Whole Foods

  6. On the post road just before whole foods. Small burial plot that is easy to miss.

  7. Next to proper chiropractic

  8. Post road near the Norwalk line

  9. You are all correct. You know your Westport!

  10. Or they googled it like I just did, lol!

  11. Lawrence Zlatkin

    Post road west. Next to Whole Foods.

  12. Ellen Greenberg

    We do pay Pivot to mow it. The town is terrible about signs. You should see how nasty the Beach Buds sign is at Compo

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