Keep Your Eyes On This 8-30g Prize

While the Planning and Zoning Commission has turned down — and the town has fought — 8-30g affordable housing proposals for sites like the Westport Inn and Wilton Road, it’s approved others at more workable sites (1177 Post Road East and the former Geiger’s property).

Word on the street is that the next parcel developers are eyeing is the crest of Post Road West, just west of the Riverside Avenue/Wilton Road intersection, where dilapidated housing was demolished. They’ve stood empty since 2013. But a 165-unit 8-30g housing complex could be erected there.

Other Post Road land may also be in play.

Watch this space.

Two of the buildings on Post Road West, now demolished.


10 responses to “Keep Your Eyes On This 8-30g Prize

  1. Matthew Mandell

    Yeah, this parcel has been discussed as an 8-30g for a long time. That it might be finally coming around is sad, but no surprise.

    A little back story. On this site was a 1800s Victorian that the owner allowed to fall into decay with the other houses in the row. The State historian said it was a fine piece and could be saved. The Town created the blight ordinance because of this house. That was the end of the house.

    So two years ago and while people tried to discuss the rehabilitation of the house, a back hoe showed up and whacked it. By accident I was just driving by when I saw the second impact. It was done, very sad.

    Not only was a great historic house not saved, but this site could now be a giant out of character apartment building.

  2. David J. Loffredo

    ….with another 165 town issued beach stickers….

  3. Bart Shuldman

    The potential cost (on the low side) for 165 units to Westport before calculating the property tax will be almost $5,000,000. Using a projection of 1.5 child per unit and a cost of $20,000 per student, the education cost to Westport is easy to calculate.

    Also, there will be additional costs for sewers (if they can hook up) and town services.

    While I do not know how much property tax this project will pay Westport, it surely will not come close to the huge education cost.

    Lastly, for all those that want to keep Westport this charming town, more and more large apartment complexes will take away from your desires.

    It is almost a crime that Westport cannot count in previous built housing before 1990 in the 10% arbitrary number the state set for every town. Oh well. The financial impact will clearly be felt by all of us.

  4. When is it going to stop…after the Geiger property is completed and if the Post Rd West proposal is approved the town should call a moritoriam on new affordable housing construction. The fact that the state does not include the affordable housing already in existence is outrageous.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Marj-with a few large density projects that are likely to occur now, Westport could be adding hundreds of students to the school enrollment. 500 students is not out of the possibility which could cause overcrowding at a minimum. The cost Impact is at least $10,000,000. The issue occurs due to the high density housing whereby Westport will not collect enough property taxes to come close to the costs for these additional students. All P&Z rules will be broken as allowed by 8-30g.

      Property taxes are expected to rise due to the State of CT budget crisis and the desire by Governor Malloy to pass on more costs to towns like Westport. This is not political, just read all the articles regatding the CT budget crisis.

      Now property taxes will have to rise eve more to help defray the cost of the new students coming from these very large affordable home projects.

      Just think how a senior in a Westport feels. Higher and higher property taxes!!!!

  5. The owner is Russel Bernard/aka Cross Street LLC/Westport Property Management. After 15 years of intentional neglect, a Blight Ordinance was approved by the RTM 26-3-2. This was the poster property for blight as you came into Westport. Now comes an 8 30 g to ruin our neighborhood. Traffic and parking is already a problem there, just drive by and see for yourself at rush hour in the morning, noon and evening. 165 units – how many people and cars per unit? The intersection at Post Road and Rt 33 is one of the worst in the State! 165 units?! Lou Mall

    • Bart Shuldman

      Lou-as State Rep Steinberg said….”Westport get going with building more affordable housing now that he did his work”.

      Just horrible.

      • Rep. Steinberg Co sponsored the ammendment to 8 30 G that will have ZERO impact for his own town .

        It will, however,give him bragging rights when he goes for re election .

        • Bart Shuldman

          Cathy. Thank you for your leadership and your honesty. I think if we are all honest about 8-30g, things just got worse in Westport.

          First, our own State Rep has gone on recited that Westport needs to move faster to add more affordable homes. It should not surprise any of us that a developer will use that language when fighting Westport to approve their project. If the project ends up in court it would not surprise me that the WESTPORT STATE REP WORDS are used against us.

          Also, with the changes that we approved in hartford we have to believe there will be more focus on getting towns to add affordable housing. Since Westport received no relief for the bill comsponsored by our own resident Rep steinberg, the pressure will be on Westport to add more housing quickly.

          It is infuriating that a co sponsor of the changes to 8-30g, who comes from Westport, did nothing to help us out.

          State Rep Steinberg’s allegiance to Hartford over Westport continues and continues. His votemto approve the new labor deal is his latest. The impact on all of us will be felt soon.