Another Normal Weather Day In Westport. Another Car Crash.

This one occurred on Compo Road South, near Kaiser Road. An SUV rear-ended this car. The guy who got hit went to the hospital.

Be careful out there.

18 responses to “Another Normal Weather Day In Westport. Another Car Crash.

  1. Alexis Snoski

    I live in this neighborhood. It’s insane how fast people drive along here as well as Imperial. I feel like I’m risking my life and my dogs even walking on the sidewalk.

    • Janette Kinnally

      You are risking your life. So many people do not care. They would rather hit you, then be inconvenienced by you. I can’t believe it!

  2. Janette Kinnally

    A car tried to hit me when I was turning into Bayberry today. I guess they could not slow down and decided to hit the accelerator instead. Amazing to me how rude people are when driving around here.

  3. Carol Buffinton

    Today driving down Thomas, I took a right on Imperial. The car behind me on Imperial was going so fast they came a hair’s breath from back ending me. And this car was coming on Imperial around that corner…They were not even in my line of sight when I took the right hand turn! I don’t think we all signed up for race Westport. Perhaps the police need to stop all the speeders until their insurance rates go sky high.

  4. If they fined everyone for speeding, we could go a long way to solving the State’s budget crisis!!

  5. In fairness there are a lot of seniors driving who should have given up the keys some time ago. Not saying this or most of them are the cause but still….

  6. Nancy Hunter

    Is it Kaiser or Keyser? Never knew Westport had an Imperial background.

  7. Trish Lawrence

    The neighborhood in question has obviously become a busy thoroughfare due to its’ proximity to the train station, compo/oldmill/longshore facilities,as well as a short cut between exit 17& 18, not to mention the intersection of combo road south & Greens farm (a nightmare ) Now the CT DOT is proposing building a new bridge that allows tractor trailers to pass through Naugatuck? The police should have cams set up to see the infractions that are incurred daily!For instance the stop sign by grey’s creek as compo south becomes compo beach rd and the stop sign in front of Elvira’s. People barely slow down. The bikers are even worse! Heaven forbid their workout gets slowed down. Aren’t they required to stop as well? Someone will eventually get mowed down and perish before anything gets done!

  8. Mary Cookman Schmerker '58

    It’s not just Westport. It happens everywhere. It’s people weaving in and out of traffic just to get a little ahead. It’s cell phone use. It’s people feeling entitled and or stressed. What I observe is rarely seniors as someone suggested. It is usually younger people in a hurry.
    I’m not saying this to be political but I believe it was a Connecticut native, George H.W. Bush who said we needed a kinder gentler nation. Who ever said it we do need it now! From the top down.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Yes, Mary, ironically the Rat Race has caused more risk than benefit, everywhere. We’re (that is some) are due for a real wake up call, but it’s doubtful much will change. Then again, a kinder, gentler (and more patient) world is always there for the asking. Take it.

  9. Matt Murray

    As to the vehicle in the picture, SUVs have a higher center of gravity (CG). Once they exceed laws of physics and gravity, they will roll or go on their sides sooner than a traditional car. Other factors such as tire pressures (anyone check theirs lately?), struts and shock absorbers, steering input, etc. Yes, it could have been just shear force to get it on its side.

  10. Susan Iseman

    I too have had angry drivers gesture at me for driving the speed limit. They tailgate and then pass me (illegally) endangering all on that thoroughfare.This happens more often than not and it’s intimidating & scary. I see WPD officers pulling folks over on the Post Road almost daily, not sure what the actual infractions are- I’m sure there are many. If you are passed by a speeder, you frequently meet them at the red light- so really, I want to ask them, how far did you get by driving so fast? Not very far, I would guess. NO complaints about the WPD, but I wonder if we need a “speed limit enforcement group?”

  11. Bonnie Bradley

    Really? “Seniors”? careening around corners at 60 mph while making a dinner reservation at the latest trendy restaurant? Snatching a coveted parking spot from under the nose of a cool millennial when the “Senior” needs to pick up a mere prescription at the drugstore? Stopping a full stop at the sign, so annoying – “no one bothers.” Actually, they’re only useful when they die and you inherit and can finally pay off that pesky mortgage, or your student loan. The best revenge: Someday they’ll be “Seniors” too.

  12. Joan Tricarico

    My beef is people constantly going through stop signs especially at North Ave and Easton Rd.

  13. Tom Kashetta

    Try backing a wood chipper into someones driveway. People can’t wait one minute. I have almost been hit many times….