Today’s Trader Joe’s Stupid Parking Trick

(Photo/Howard Silver)

Trader Joe's 2

(Photo/Barbara Jay)

13 responses to “Today’s Trader Joe’s Stupid Parking Trick

  1. Janette Kinnally

    My husband and I saw this happen today. We could not believe our eyes. What is going on around here? A car flipped over on Post Road last week, a car hitting a bicyclist on Roseville this morning and then this car parked and blocking the other car from getting out of Trader Joe’s parking lot this afternoon.

  2. Jamie Walsh

    Fascinating! It is being absolutely oblivious or is it something in the drinking water that’s causing this to happen more frequently in Westport than any other place I have ever lived?

  3. Brett Aronow

    I did see someone quite elderly waiting for a parking spot right out front. Perhaps it was this car. Until we get self driving cars I assume we just all should show a little patience.

    • A little patience?? How about drivers having a clue when they’re making it impossible for other people to go about their day? That parking job – like so many others in our lovely town – is inexcusable.

    • Nancy Hunter

      “all should show a little patience “? I agree, completely, no matter where.

  4. Robert Mitchell

    What would have made it perfect would have been a dog or a baby locked in the parked Honda..

  5. Mark Samuels

    I just can’t believe that a driver could possibly do that and not realize it. I think they made a bet with a friend that they’d appear on 06880!

  6. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    I love Trader Joes. Different state but we had a parking problem of another sort there today. We parked, well within the lines, next to a huge white SUV. The engine was running. No one in the car that we could see. I checked out plants outside the store. Still no one near the SUV. Bought 4 items and checked out and the SUV was gone but we had a nice white scrape mark on the side of our car. It will buff out but…….
    People are just plain inconsiderate. Everywhere……

  7. Today on Imperial Ave i(or is it Myrtle?) in line of cars waiting to turn left onto Post Rd some jackass in a toyota drove up on the sidewalk to the right, nearly sideswiping me, so he could make an illegal right on red onto Post Rd. It’s gotta be the water!

  8. Elisabeth Keane

    Recently, as I waited early one morning at the Myrtle Avenue/Main Street intersection for the light to change so I could go straight ahead on Kings Highway North, a white SUV moving very quickly came up Kings Highway North, barreled across the intersection, continued full throttle through the Do Not Enter sign into the clearly marked left turn lane and then flew around the corner wrong way on Myrtle quickly followed by the sound of the application of brakes The light changed just then so I went on my way,

  9. Bonnie Bradley

    Obviously Westport regulations should restrict all vehicles on the roads within town limits to golf carts! Tiny carts would double parking space availability. Modifications would enable air conditioning for hot days. All-weather tires would solve winter problems. Trader Joe’s and Starbucks would have record sales! Insurance rates would plummet. Everyone is happy! Gosh, I’m beginning to feel like…. Nancy Hunter.

    Mark that down as a compliment, Nancy

    • Nancy Hunter

      Funny, Bonnie, I was just thinking about how Trump drives golf carts over (his own) golfing greens! Cheers!

  10. Bonnie Bradley

    Weary just thinking about it. The beat goes on….