Friday Flashback #49

As much as things seem to change around here, Old Mill Beach looks much like it did in the 1920s.

Fashions are different, of course. And a few of the houses have succumbed to hurricanes or new owners’ plans.

But — as Seth Schachter’s postcards show — bathers from nearly 100 years ago would find themselves in familiar territory, if they were plopped down today on this hidden-in-plain-sight jewel.

6 responses to “Friday Flashback #49

  1. Did Old Mill Beach have Bay of Fundy-like tide changes back in the day? I don’t have any clear recollections of what the tide was like even back in the 1960s (since I spent far more time at Compo whenever I did head for the beach).
    And thanks again for hosting the annual “06880” bash.

    • Freddie, as lifeguards we would cover Old Mill Beach 2hrs before high tide and 2 hrs. after. It was the best post you could get! On that shift you were also required to “man” the first aid station, which meant come back to the office and flirt with girls.

      • Dave, thanks for the reply.
        PS–I notice that Ann is not organizing a reunion for those of us who worked at the tennis courts back in the day. Clearly it was your lifeguard staff that was at the top of the social ladder, so to speak.

  2. Jim Gallagher

    Hi Dan,
    The second picture is actually Compo Mill Cove. Too bad the houses are long gone!