Pic Of The Day #91

The Minny Bus stopped running in the 1980s — long before Jaime Bairaktaris was born. But the sign — across from Coleytown Elementary School, advertising the bus service that once shuttled folks around Westport — has always fascinated him.

11 responses to “Pic Of The Day #91

  1. I loved that Minny Bus and used it all the time!

  2. I remember my daughter Susan waiting for the bus there and then going ‘down town’ after school. Jane Sherman

  3. Marc Sholes

    The era of the ninny bus was truly special in Westport

  4. Dorrie Barlow Thomas

    I remember seeing that sign, long after I was out of Coleytown El and using that particular stop, and it was utterly lost amidst the foliage…and thinking it was ripe for stealing…honestly can’t believe it’s still there!
    (Also, part of the beauty of the Minny Bus was that you didn’t need to be at a designated stop…so it’s kinda weird that there were ever signs like this)

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Seems like bringing back the Minny-Bus service would be a wonderful idea! (Good for the environment too … less cars? Oh, heck, who knows if anyone would use it these days anyway).

    It was a great “Westport” thing though.

    That sign could be considered “vintage” now. Should be added to WHS displays or something! 😁

  6. Stacie Curran

    Oh, those little red & white buses, all lined up at Jesup Green – thanks for the memories of great public transportation in our Town.

  7. The incomparable Mr. Paul Green started the Minny Bus service. I believe they were Mercedes diesel vans to start?

  8. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Oh how I wish they would bring them back! Those awesome little busses you could hear them coming with their little Diesel engine sound. They freed us as westport teenagers… and now as a parent of not yet 16 year olds… I get it.

  9. Jack Whittle

    Ah, the minibus – a sense of independence and freedom for us back in the mid-70s – I spent a lot of time at that very minibus stop, catching the minibus home after Coleytown JHS soccer or wrestling practice – of course, we (my good friend and neighbor Bob Simonton was on the same teams) believed it was quicker, and cooler, to hitch up North Ave. Which, like the minibus, is unheard of these days.

  10. Nicholas Weiner

    Was there also a Galaxy Bus? I recall seeing a picture of one of those in the Stapelite yearbook of like 1980.