Photo Challenge #132

For the 2nd week in a row, the photo challenge showed something on the side of a building.

This time, it was a silhouette of 5 guys playing music.

Not only did 10 readers know that the image was from 323 — across from Coffe An’. But many also knew that the reason the musicians are there on the restaurant wall is because every Thursday night, there’s live jazz by the bar.

Readers also noted that before it was 323 — named for its Main Street address — the restaurant had also been Bogey’s, Oliver’s, Crossroads and Stone’s Throw.

And probably others.

Congratulations to Fred Cantor, Robert Mitchell, Jeff Jacobs, Jane Nordli, Seth Braunstein, Lance B. Lundberg, Karen Wambach, Linda Amos, Joan Kern Soboslai and Joyce Losen. (For the photo and all comments, click here.)

Here’s the newest challenge. If you think you know where in Westport this is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Richard Hyman)


29 responses to “Photo Challenge #132

  1. Fred Cantor

    By Mill Pond?

  2. Luke Garvey

    The sluice gate at Mill Pond

  3. Lisa Marie Alter

    Pumps under Mill Pond bridge

  4. Vanessa Wilson

    Old Mill pond gates

  5. Matt Murray

    Motor to lift the gates at Old Mill.

  6. Craig Clark

    Old Mill Pond.
    Gates used to be raised by hand.
    Town installed electric winches 30+ years ago
    These are on second bridge.

    • Matt Murray

      I believe it was 1990 when the gates were rebuilt and restored with money from the town and a special assessment from all the home owners surrounding the Sherwood Mill Pond including Allen’s Restaurant. It was a 20 year bond that was completed in 2010.

  7. Andrew Colabella

    Old mill tidal gates

  8. Old mill lock system as you walk over to the private homes

  9. Bob Stalling

    Spent many days there in the early 70’s catching snappers and Blue Crabs…

  10. Susan Granger

    Under the bridge at Old Mill Pond – within sight of the oyster beds

  11. Robert Mitchell

    Mill Pond

  12. John Brandt

    Old Mill Pond flood control gates, making oystering possible in the pond.

  13. Martin Gitlin

    It is the water control mechanism for the mill pond.

  14. Stan Skowronski

    Sherwood Mill Pond Walkway tide gates.

  15. I agree with everybody, Mill Pond

  16. Antony Lantier

    Under old mill bridge

  17. Julie Fatherley

    The wonderful floodgates at Mill Pond…a magical place Julie Fatherley

  18. Mill pond sluice gates

  19. Jay Tormey

    Old Mill pond spillway

    • Marybeth Stevens

      Hello Jay – I grew up in Westport in the 1940s, and at the time there was one other Tormey family – John, who was a plumber I believe. I called them once but they had little information about their Tormey origin, My family came from County Westmeath, Ireland, and were millers there. What can you share about your Tormeys?
      Marybeth Tormey Stevens

  20. Joelle H. Malec

    The water locks under the bridge between compo mill cove and compo mill pond

  21. Michael Pettee

    the tidal gates at old mill pond

  22. Every one is correct! This was an easy one 🙂

    • Craig Clark

      I lived there. Couple of clarifications: They are neither locks or flood gates but gates to keep water in the pond after high tide. The escaping water was then used to run the grist mill. On an incoming tide there was about 2′ of clearance under the gates and many of us swam under them much to the distdane of the life guards. As the tide changed, the gates would close and hold water back, hence the name Mill Pond. The gates were raised yearly to flush out the pond and allow any reapir work to be done to the stone coffer damns and flush out some of the other stuff that would accumulate. The Mill Pond has gotten a lot shallower over the years due to sand coming from Compo Cove and the state park. Farmers used to harvest the salt hay that grows on the flats and the channels were cut for Mosquito control. The Mill Pond is one of Westport’s and the State’s true treasures.

  23. Rosalie Kaye

    Either under a bridge at Old Mill beach on the way to Sherwood Isle., or part of the Bridge St drawbridge apparatus.

  24. Linda Amos

    Mill Pond gates under bridge at Mill Beach

  25. Old Mill Bridge Tidal Gate