Pic Of The Day #79

6:45 a.m.: Morning commute to the train.

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #79

  1. Elaine Marino

    This question comes from someone who has never biked (or walked) across the bridge, so bear with me.

    In the photo taken at 6:45 am, there is no traffic. What happens if a cyclist crosses the bridge at a busier time of day traffic-wise? The photo reflects the grossly insufficient clearance for a driver to continue past the cyclist when another car is on the bridge (coming from the opposite direction). Are cyclists one of the reasons for the traffic back-ups that occur on Bridge Street?

    As for the photo of the cyclist on the bridge, I love it!

    • Joshua Stien

      Just like any other situation, a car cannot go around a cyclist unless its safe to do so. A cyclist can ride in the roadway. If the car cannot safely go around then the car waits behind the cyclist. I wouldn’t say a cyclist would back up traffic during busy times any more so than a car. In fact, they would probably back it up less because a bicycle is smaller than a car and can maneuver in tight spaces. Further, there is an intersection right there so its not like the speed of the cyclist would slow things down much as cars cannot go that fast through an intersection.