Me The People

On November 7, Marc Bailin and Nancy Holson went to bed thinking Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States.

On November 8, something unexpected happened.

When the couple woke up on November 9, their world had changed.

On January 21 they took part in the Women’s March in New York, not far from their Bleecker Street apartment.

Marc Bailin and Nancy Holson

But Marc — a 1970 Staples High School graduate (where he sang with Orphenians, and played bass and sang with Smoke; he’s now a noted entertainment lawyer — and Nancy (a longtime Westporter and Emmy Award-winning writer, director and producer, best known here for her “News in Revue” political satire that highlighted many First Night celebrations) believed they had to do more than march.

When Nancy saw Jim Russek — with whom she’d collaborated on “Bush Wars,” an anti-George W. show that ran off-Broadway a decade ago — a light bulb clicked.

Normally, it takes at least a year to stage a New York show.

“Me the People” went from germ of an idea to the stage in just 3 months.

It includes Trump’s crony cabinet, White House grifters Ivanka and Jared, the Supreme Court, Russia, Mar-a-Lago, Korea, Russia, climate change, Russia — and a literal shredding of the Constitution.

The website calls the show “a wake of sorts … a joyous celebration that helps endure the loss of a loved one … (it) is our way to endure the tragedy of a Trump presidency; a musical that laughs and sings about the loss of the America we love.”

That’s not fake news!

The Supremes — okay, the Supreme Court — sing “Stop!” (Photo copyright Steven Schwartz)

“Me the People” has settled in at the Triad Theater for an open-ended run. “We hope to be there until Trump is impeached,” Bailin says.

But he’s realistic about the audience.

“We’re not preaching to the choir. We are the choir,” the former Orphenian says.

“We’re not going to change any minds. We’re just giving people who think like us a chance to laugh for 90 minutes.”

But, he notes, a friend from Cedar Point Yacht Club — where Bailin sails every Wednesday — had seen the show the night before.

“I haven’t heard back from him yet,” Bailin says.


(For more information — including tickets — click here.)



7 responses to “Me The People

  1. I wish them luck, but I don’t think anything about Trump could make me laugh.

  2. Pat Saviano

    Looking forward to seeing it on Saturday night! Nancy has a great sense of humor and we can certainly use some laughs.

  3. please let me know when and where i can get a video of this.
    i find d.dump and his entire gang totally deplorable.

  4. Roger Kaufman

    Great Show!….not to be missed.
    Our family has been a supporter of “The Cause” for 60+ years. It is comforting for like-minded folks to experience such a clever political satire…to help us get through this.

    Thanks for the PTSD Therapy. We found it very effective for “Post Trumpmatic Stress Disorder”.
    I’m going again for another session.Im feeling better.
    Roger Kaufman

  5. Dorothy Abrams

    Sounds great . Good luck

  6. Nancy Hunter

    Please take it on the road! Northern neighbours (and probably southern, too) would enjoy some comic relief.

  7. Dan,
    “Me The People” is great fun at a time when laughing is needed.
    More importantly I need to add an update.
    As of 5/12/17, Nancy Holson was given a new title due to the arrival of new member of the family. She became a grandmother.

    Stephen Schwartz