Looking Back At The 3rd, On The 4th

Last night’s fireworks: The view from Old Mill Beach. (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

A panoramic view of Compo Beach. Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

15 responses to “Looking Back At The 3rd, On The 4th

  1. John Clark

    are the barges still moored off the Cannons?

  2. Mikayla Doyle

    Does anybody know why they no longer sing the national anthem at the 4th of July fireworks? Because personal I’ve been finding it pretty offensive that they haven’t been doing that.

    • Bart Shuldman

      We were at the fireworks and it was a pleasure to sing the national anthem. Not sure where you were watching but it was beautifully sung by Staples High School girl. Did an amazing rendition.

      • Mikayla Doyle

        Wow, missed it, we haven’t heard it for the past few years…they used to amplify it over a load speaker system.

  3. Susan Huppi

    Had fun watching our fireworks up here in NH but have to admit I miss watching them over the sound at Compo beach!!

  4. Robert Braczyk

    What is the story on the the traffic problems at this years fireworks?
    We were creeping along Compo Road for well over two hours and just got our chairs into the sand as the show began. Needless to say hungry and cranky.
    Very unpleasant!

  5. Kimberly Boskello

    Another year, another lousy firework display. Lasted 24 minutes long, last year I believe it was 27 minutes long. Why is this? The town still continues to charge $35 dollars, in addition the traffic to get down to the festivities was horrendous this year. All for? The town really needs to re-think things through going forward.

    • “The town” does not charge $35 (a price that has not changed in many years). It’s the PAL, which uses the proceeds to help thousands of kids through programs and scholarships. Of course, you are welcome to do what thousands of people do, which is park somewhere like Hillspoint School and walk (or ride your bike, or be dropped off by friends). No one will stop you.

      It’s not just the fireworks. It’s a wonderful community event, with music, friends, hanging out, cooking out, picnicking, whatever.

      Feel free not to come next year, though. There will be more room for everyone else — or someone else who sees the glass as half-full, rather than half-empty. (Or perhaps someone who actually watches the fireworks, instead of her watch.)

    • Bart Shuldman

      It is hard to understand your post when the event was wonderful. The Town of Westport came out to party at the beach and watch a great fireworks exhibition. Your decision to time the fireworks shows you came ready to complain or have another agenda other than to thank all that organized a fantastic event.

    • Michael Pettee

      The average length of a fireworks display in the US is 20 minutes. 25 minutes on the long side; 15 minutes on the short side. Unless choreographed to live music, would you really want it to be any longer?

  6. David J. Loffredo

    Park at the train station, walk across the train bridge, and it’s a nice leisurely 20 minute stroll to the beach. If you’re not in the mood to hang out at the beach – you can park at 8:30 and easily make it. It’s free, no traffic, you get a little exercise, and you might meet some friends along the way.

  7. So – what’s the story of the barge with the “Melissa & Doug” sign in the panoramic picture?

    • The story is that Melissa and Doug sponsor the fireworks. Their generous contribution — each year — of about $50,000 (to cover the cost of the fireworks) enables the PAL to provide that much more help, in the form of programming and scholarships, to thousands of Westport boys and girls.