Ghosts Get Ready For Fireworks

Westport has 2 Independence Day traditions:

  • The fireworks, and
  • Saving enormous swaths of the beach for the fireworks.

This was the scene today, well before noon:

See you tonight. It should be a great show.

If there’s any space left.

26 responses to “Ghosts Get Ready For Fireworks

  1. Ellen Wentworth

    Casper and company!

  2. Jill Greenberg

    Yes reserving space is a tradition, but this much space? I noticed last year that many groups had “mcmansion-sized” spaces, much of which they were not using. This seems to me to be more a tradition of greed than of community spirit. For those of us who are just looking for a bit of space for a picnic and to enjoy fireworks amongst our neighbors, like modest income folks, we are being pushed out. Might there be some sensible balance possible between reserving space and taking over the beach?

  3. Nancy Hunter

    Boorish. Embarrassing. Happy Fourth to you.

  4. Evan Stein

    Serious question. Don’t they clear the beach at some hour of the day to only admit cars with Fireworks passes? At that time, or earlier, couldn’t the town clear the beach of unoccupied seats and towels? Unclaimed materials could later be rented out for use from a new rental pavilion segmented off from the locker rooms behind the unroofed pavilion.

  5. Jamie Walsh

    Entitlement run afoul!

  6. Jens Buettner

    By definition Compo Beach is a public beach, so no right for “ghost” reservations or any kind of entitlement.

  7. Jennifer Rankine

    Not only is that taking up limited beach space for tonight, but it is tying up a lot of space all-day for those who might want to actually use the beach today. Groups should stay with the stuff from the time they put it out, or not be surprised if they find it has been rearranged.

  8. Adam Goldberg

    As the owner of the blue/white striped cabanas it should be known that we have been here the entire day enjoying the beach, so don’t be so quick to judge. And Dan, had you stopped by to say hello I would have shucked you an oyster. Enjoy the holiday everyone, there are bigger problems in this world to gripe about.

    • Thanks, Adam — enjoy! I didn’t take the photos. They were 2 of many sent to me by Westporters who commented that there seemed to be no one around all the ghost chairs. I will stop by soon though!

    • Evan Stein

      Adam. No one complained about the cabana. I believe the complaint was about the unoccupied chairs around you. Were you just watching while they all on line at Joey’s for Lobster Rolls and Clam Rolls?

      • Jamie Lissette

        Public Debate, Blue and White cabanas AND Red lobbies…what’s more American than that! Happy Fourth of July!

  9. Terry Anzalone

    Years back the beach would be emptied at a certain hour and then it was first come first serve. Space is precious the night of the fireworks, so why don’t we make room for everyone —–take down tents and huge tables, so everyone can see and enjoy the holiday! ?
    It’s happening at The Levitt too!

    • Evan Stein

      I thought they still do this. When did it stop?

      • You are right, would like to know why, when did stop and who is responsible. The beach should be empty and then first come first served.

  10. Jeffrey Jones

    Enjoy this blog e-nor-mous-ly! My wife is the subscriber.
    Back in the day [63, 64], the beach was cleared and it was first-come first-served [perhaps even with passes]. Someone said ‘Boorish’ previously. That’s an understatement if I ever heard one.
    I don’t miss t.h.i.s. Westport at all

  11. David J Loffredo

    I think the cabanas and other structures should be against the back wall so they don’t block anyone’s enjoyment of the beach during the 15 hour run-up to the 20 minutes of fireworks.

  12. Jennie Pickering

    why do people think this is ok?

  13. Susan Huppi

    We usually spent most of the day at the beach…and only took the bit we needed…and condensed to just our blanket at fireworks time! Still remember Compo beach fireworks being the best!

    • Linda Franco Doyle

      I remember the same thing Sue!
      Spent the day swimming at Compo and we had warm clothes to change into, climbed onto the beach blanket to see those amazing fireworks. I don’t remember there always a barge either!
      But what happened to the National Anthem???

  14. Bobbi Essagof

    We had a great night but I also think it should go back to the old way. Clear the beach and the lot at 4:00. First come first serve.

  15. Wilhelmina de Haas

    Looks like the same crowd that puts their towels on pool side chairs at resorts for the whole day….