Topless Near Palm Beach

As “06880” has reported, Compo Beach greets the 4th of July weekend with a couple of new looks.

The brick pavilion near Joey’s and the lockers is now topless. The structurally unsound roof has been removed. Funds for its replacement may be approved next month.

The result is a very new view — of the pavilion, and from within:

(Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away, the palm tree by Ned Dimes Marina has a new name.

It’s brilliant:

Dennis Jackson took this photo of friends, including fellow ham radio operators and Staples High School classmates from the mid-1960s.

7 responses to “Topless Near Palm Beach

  1. Great Photo Katherine!

  2. Bait-Click….”topless”…LOL
    you keep us entertained,
    Thank You Dan!

  3. Michael Calise

    This is better than a sidewalk!

  4. There is an old Asian proverb that goes something like—“I have lost my roof, but now I can see the moon”.

  5. Cheryl McKenna

    The best heading ever Dan!

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