Pic Of The Day #74

Low tide at Compo Beach (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #74

  1. Bonnie Bradley

    Thanks for this photo, Dan. It takes me back to my summer days spent on the flats, looking, finding, feeling good under the hot sun – there was no other experience quite like that. Suddenly a clam would squirt a stream of salty water. Snails, tiny crabs, seaweed, other mysterious creatures and things. A smell like no other in the world – salt water flats. My kids loved low tide too and remember the same experiences. I can smell it in my memory today… primordial salt flats.
    The bottom of Gray’s Creek, on which we lived, was very different. The black sand was so fine it was actually mud, and smelled the same as the flats at low tide. But the experience was entirely different. The creek mud is wet, soft and deep. As kids, the first time you stepped on it, left foot sank down, then right foot, then when you tried to lift your left foot again for the next step both feet were so tightly held that you fell forward onto your hands up to your elbows. If you were wearing rubber boots you foot came right out, leaving the boot behind, and it was really hard to get the empty boot out, making Happened to us all and everyone laughed at the “newby.” You were stuck and had to struggle to pull yourself out. You could, but what a mess, ending up covered top to toe with black mud. Summer fun.

  2. Margaret Gomez

    And thank you Dan, again! This is a picture of my daughter and her friend. Just as Bonnie describes, my daughter loves summer evenings at low tide. So much fun to be had. And lots of memories to be cherished.

  3. Audrey Doniger

    Wonderful and timeless picture…I was there 50+years ago with my kids(only difference..I would be off to the side collecting mussels for dinner)…and then with my grandchildren (no more musseling)…and now with great grandchildren….nothing like low tide at Compo and Burying Hill

  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker '58

    I agree with all the memories above. Bonnie’s of Gray’s creek especially.. Truly a wonderful environment to grow up in .Any body remember razor clams and cutting their feet on them? I don’t think we ever collected them to eat. There is nothing quite as good as a cherrystone clam steamed fresh……