Congratulations, Staples Graduates!

The Staples High School Class of 2017 is now history.

Over 450 members of the 130th graduating class received their diplomas amid the usual pomp and circumstance in the fieldhouse. 

It was a day of celebration, joy, pride — and relief, sentimentality and longing.

Graduates and their parents looked ahead — and back.

And of course, everyone took photos.

For weeks, seniors have filled a large poster with their post-high school plans. Today it was on display for all to see.

Fabian Becerra waited for the ceremony to begin…

… and so did salutatorian Christopher Scherban and valedictorian Emily Schussheim.

The processional into the fieldhouse isn’t a red carpet — but at graduation it can seem like one.

Some seniors decorated their caps with messages. St. Andrews is in Scotland.

Class speaker Megan Hines had a wonderful message. She described never taking AP or honors classes, but finding herself — thanks to caring friends, guidance counselors and teachers. “You are never alone” at Staples, she said.

Listening intently to the student speakers were (from right) superintendent of schools Colleen Palmer, principal James D’Amico, 12th grade assistant principal Pat Micinilio, assistant principal Rich Franzis, and and assistant principal (and proud father of graduate Jimmy) James Farnen.

Shelby Lake got special congratulations from big brother (and Staples Class of 2011 graduate) Court Lake.

Brooke Wrubel posed with her family in the courtyard.

A celebration isn’t complete without some good cigars.

A Better Chance scholars Manny Ogutu and Sam Larkin enjoyed a post-graduation party at Glendarcy House with their proud parents — and a host of well-wishers.

5 responses to “Congratulations, Staples Graduates!

  1. Nancy Hunter

    Nice to see grads looking outside of the U.S. for further education, gaining more experience/equal academics for less tuition.
    (funny, though, the caption “St. Andrews is in Scotland”)

    • Why is that funny, Nancy?

      • Nancy Hunter

        Given the calibre of Staples it seems unnecessary to explain where St. Andrews is located. Kudos to the young man accepted to Carleton (Ottawa) and another graduate to McGill (Montreal), both exceptional schools.

        • Nancy, I have over 10,000 readers. They don’t all know where St. Andrews is. Here’s proof not to assume anything: Manny Ogutu is going to Carleton College in Minnesota, not the one you assumed was in Ottawa.