What A Dump!

Exactly one week ago, an alert “06880” reader sent me this photo of Parker Harding Plaza:

It shows another side of Westport’s Entitled Driver Syndrome: Someone who for whatever reason can’t be bothered to go to the transfer station, or post on Craigslist. (Note the 2 “Notice” signs nearby, explaining proper dumpage.)

I decided not to run the image. I figured someone would snag the sofa even before the regular trash pickup.

This morning, it was still there.

But now there’s a name attached. “FOR SALE!! Please see Dorece,” it says.

Think that’s bad?

Check out this rear view of the dumpster station — from the side closest to the river:

I’ve posted similar photos before.

And I’ll keep posting them, until someone takes ownership of what is supposed to be our upscale downtown.

18 responses to “What A Dump!

  1. Wilhelmina de Haas

    That’s disgusting! Seriously???????? …By the way curious who Dorece is! 🙂

  2. Matt Murray

    Maybe the Westport Downtown Merchants Association should take care of this. It is in Westport. It is downtown. It is surrounded by merchants.

  3. Truly shameful! Someone needs to take ownership and fast!

  4. Thomas Orofino

    This is the responsibility of the Downtown Merchants Association. Think David Walkman is now president.

  5. David Stalling

    That is kind of sad; I’d prefer to see a local coffee shop.

  6. Carol Lupo-Simek

    Since there is no phone number but a note to “See Dorece”, it’s likely the this person is not a town resident but works in one of the downtown stores and us using the parking lot as her own personal Craigslist.

  7. Rozanne Gates

    It is Downtown Merchants Association. Ask David Waldman.

  8. Robert Mitchell

    Interesting to dump the sofa in a rubbish area; have no-one take it; and then figure it will be more enticing if it is offered for sale. More probably, the enterprising soul who posted the sign has nothing to do with the original, egregious dumper, who is long gone.

  9. Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

    Thank goodness we don’t have the technology to email the putrid smell emanating from the dumpsters on a fine, hot summer day.

  10. Holly Wheeler

    Such an eyesore for the Starbucks in the background. OMG.

  11. Adam Schwartz

    Who in G-d’s name would purchase something so awful, and who in God’s name would put something like this up for sale?!?! No charity I know of would ever take this piece of garbage as a donation!

  12. The owners of the properties on Main Street should bear the cost of maintaining the property. Where does all that gold coast rent money go?
    And by the way, the for sale sign must be a joke.

  13. The Downtown Plan Implementation Committee was tasked with establishing a maintenance plan for the downtown area. Wonder how that’s working out?

  14. This spot is the worst! I love Gloria’s comment about the smell!

  15. Randy Herbertson

    For all who are interested: The Westport DMA has developed a detailed plan for improving downtown maintenance, where a majority of the costs will be handled by businesses, with some contribution from the Town for public areas, including roads, public parking lots and public buildings. This is to include both summer and winter maintenance, as well as trash. The Town portion is still under discussion, made more challenging in the current budget climate. However, a specific plan to vastly improve the trash situation and general appearance for Parker Harding is in an advanced stage of collaborative approval (which will include a consolidated and upgraded trash area) and hopefully will be accomplished this summer.

    • Matt Murray

      Summer starts in six days. The clock is ticking for the DMA for this “out-of-the-blue” eyesore. If only someone had told them sooner. Dan? 🙂