Paying It Forward At Pearl

The other day, Kelly Lavoie and her husband Rick celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary at Pearl.

The couple at the next table were celebrating their 13th anniversary — and the husband’s birthday.

All 4 shared a nice conversation, and best wishes. Then the younger couple said goodbye and left.

When Rick asked for the check, their server said the other couple had already paid it.

Kelly and Rick were speechless. Days later, they still can’t believe it.

Unfortunately, she says, they did not get the other couple’s names. They just know they’re from Rowayton.

“If for some reason they see this, we want to thank them,” Kelly says.

“It was such a wonderful surprise — the ultimate ‘paying it forward.’ We are amazed by your generosity!”

Kelly and Rick Lavoie

8 responses to “Paying It Forward At Pearl

  1. Jane Schaefer Johngren

    Here’s my theory after reading about this great example of generosity (done anonymously and completely out of the blue) and others like it: the current climate in the country is inspiring some of us to go above and beyond in being nice and doing good for others, in ways large and small. It certainly makes my day brighter to know about this generous act. Thanks, Dan!

  2. Nancy Austin

    We did this for a young American couple celebrating their honeymoon in Tuscany. It makes one feel so good to help and surprise others.

  3. Chip Stephens

    Back 35 years ago my very pregnant wife and I were celebrating a dinner at a local steak place. An older couple next to us was very interested in our ties to Westport and how Karen liked Westport vs. Queens where she hailed from. After a nice evening with some nice folks the older lady placed a piece of paper in Karen’s hand and asked her not say anything until later. Turns out it was a hundred dollar bill which was like a million to a couple struggling to get by with another on the way. We bought a very nice wood crib with that gift for our son Charlie and we never ever forgot that kindness.

  4. Armelle Daniels

    How lovely! I am wondering if the other couple paid by credit card, and if so, if Pearl would give their name from the credit card record to Kelly and Rick?

  5. Nancy Hunter

    People are surprised by common courtesy and thoughtfulness?

  6. Couldn’t have happened to nicer people. Happy anniversary, Rick and Kelly!
    Love from the Jonases