Introducing A New “06880” Feature: Unsung Heroes

Westport is filled with amazing people. They head our government and non-profit organizations. They’re business owners, arts advocates, athletes — the town’s movers and shakers.

We know them, because they’re so active and visible. They’re the folks who frequently — and deservedly — get their names and mugs on “06880.”

But Westport is also filled with amazing people who never get shout-outs.

Store clerks, bank tellers, baristas. Cleaning ladies, volunteers, neighbors. Their list is probably a lot longer than the one of all the great men and women everyone always thanks.

Now — every Wednesday — our unsung heroes will have their praises sung.

Any “06880” reader can nominate anyone. It can be someone who has spent a lifetime doing good, quiet deeds — or someone who did one great solid you noticed.

Unsung heroes can be any age. They can do anything. The only qualification is: They must live, work, or otherwise have some connection to Westport.

Email, with a photo and description of your unsung hero. He or she can know about your nomination in advance — or it can be a complete surprise. They’ll be posted every Wednesday, at noon.

Here’s our 1st Unsung Hero:

Alert — and grateful — “06880” reader Chris Swan (above) says:

Trudy Lynch has been our USPS carrier for many years. But since I retired 4 years ago, I’ve gotten to know her very well.

Though morale at the Post Office seems to have gotten very low, Trudy always smiles and tries to raise her coworkers’ spirits.

She often stops her truck and walks up to drop off mail, as opposed to stuffing it in the box on the street. She is not your typical government employee.

Just today, she delivered (another) Amazon box. Her smile was so contagious, she gave us a real lift.

My wife Carol wondered how many people actually know their carrier’s name?

So we took her picture to send your way in recognition of this terrific employee, serving our community tirelessly day in and out.

Congratulations, Trudy. You are the first of many unsung heroes — making you truly #1!

15 responses to “Introducing A New “06880” Feature: Unsung Heroes

  1. Jan Carpenter

    I absolutely love this idea. There’s not enough love and appreciation today on so many levels. I can’t wait to recognize some unsuspecting Westporter! Thanks, Dan.

  2. Wilhelmina de Haas

    Trudy is my mail carrier and she is 100% totally worthy of being the first recipient of this wonderful idea! Congrats Trudy! Thank you for everything you do – and your friendly face and wave everytime I see you! Bless you!

  3. Roz Koether

    Great idea! Love this! Our mail carrier is Dom! He is the best! Dogs look forward to his visits every day!! 🙂

  4. This is awesome! We love it. Congrats TRUDY! We’d love to send you a Townee tee! Please pick one out and email us @ and we’ll get it to you! I suppose we should use USPS for delivery 😉

  5. John F. Suggs

    Great Idea Dan!

  6. Carol Mata

    What a wonderful idea Dan!

  7. Audrey Hertzel

    Well deserved, Trudy! Miss seeing you filling in on you-know-who’s route! 😉

  8. Lynn Quinn

    Trudy is awesome!

  9. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    With negatives swirling around us daily this is wonderful. There are many unsung heroes in our daily lives recognizing and thanking them is perfect.

  10. Kathie Bennewitz

    great idea!!

    Our postal carrier sadly just changed and that is trouble because her truck was a “dog biscuit dispenser” and we got to know her that way. She smiled too! Every time our dog saw or heard her USPS truck coming, we had to go outside to say hi, and get the treat. Now he still thinks there are treats in every USPS truck he sees.

    • Kerry Foley

      When our mailman would pull into our neighborhood, we’d say to our dog “there’s the cookie wagon.” Olive’s been pretty confused since his retirement.

  11. Yes indeed, Dan….a great addition to “06880”. A wonderful antidote to lousy parking photos and other tales of entitlement that seem to run far too often. Something to look forward to on Wednesdays.

  12. Linda Gramatky Smith

    I love this idea! The only sad note was the comment “She is not your typical government employee.” I loved our carriers Donna Ferris (had to switch routes) and Eddie Simone (both recently retired), and I find the people in the post office to be so helpful. Wish the rest hadn’t been denigrated in praising Trudy Lynch, who certainly deserved the praise.

  13. Nicole Klein

    I LOVE THIS!!!! A terrific addition to 06880!

  14. Trudy Lynch

    I want to thank Dan and Mr and Mrs Swan for this great idea! It is a great honor to be the 1st Unsung Hero. To all mail carriers WE ROCK❤