O Canada!

Westport loves its duck.

For the 2nd year in a row, the 23-foot high, 15-foot wide, 15-foot long, 260-pound “Sunny” is floating in the Saugatuck River. It’s a very visible (and quite yellow) reminder of the Sunrise Rotary Club’s upcoming Great Duck Race (this Saturday, June 3 — click here for details).

(Photo/Wendy Cusick)

Things are less ducky north of the border.

The BBC reports that another version of the duck — twice as tall as Westport’s will  float in Toronto’s waterfront, for a festival celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. It then travels across the province, for an “Ontario 150” tour.

The duck in Toronto.

The provincial government is picking up some of the tab. But Progressive Conservative officials have called it “an absolute cluster duck” and “quack economics.”


Of course, Sunny’s a lot cuter.

(Hat tip: Siobhan Crise)

3 responses to “O Canada!

  1. Nancy Hunter

    A loony(!) idea, indeed.

  2. Wendy Cusick

    Sunny! #quack
    Sunny puts a smile on your face! All ducks are cute! 😁
    Canada’s is a nice one too!

    • Nancy Hunter

      It’s a Dutch duck, actually. Well traveled over ever rising, warming seas.