Pic Of The Day #43

Flags fly on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Post Road Bridge (Photo copyright Lynn U. Miller)

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  1. Carol Mata


  2. Susan Huppi

    What a terrific shot!

  3. Nancy Hunter


  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Love it!

    Too bad parades all over the Fairfield County area were cancelled today. The early a.m. rain let up to a mere drizzle for much of the waking hours, so it seems that all that planning and prep work was wasted. Bummer.

    I was in the Staples High marching band in the mid 1980’s, under Jack Adams, and back then, we stood ready to march in some dreadfully stormy conditions.

    One year, we made it half down Riverside Ave., with torrential sideways rain and wind coming down. We were blowing water out of our woodwind instruments, and couldn’t see our asses from our elbows, when the “organizers” finally called it off.

    It was a mess, and we all could have suffered hypothermia, but hey, we were troopers back then.

    Even in our special “new” blue and white, expertly adorned uniforms of the privileged Staples High, with cute feathery-plumed hats (a new expense for the band at that time), we suffered on.

    Just like our military did … suffered on, but in much larger and dire circumstances, wearing the uniform of war, with the American flags sewn into their lapels and chest pockets.

    So, my take on it? The parade should have occurred, rain be-damned.

    Because, I was ready to do it during a Nor’Easter back then, and was proud to do it!

    (Side note: I was so chilled and tired from that experience, so … maybe that particular cancellation held some merit, and saved a few of us snowflakes from pneumonia). 😉

  5. These flags on the bridge make my heart feel very warm & proud !
    Than You for the Lovely Picture !

  6. Michael Calise

    We have lost our spirit……. The parade should always go on regardless of conditions. After all it is May barely three weeks from summer. The men and women we honor endured far more threating conditions in defense of our liberty.