Pic Of The Day #42

Yesterday, Boy Scout Troop 39 placed flowers on the graves of veterans, at 5 Westport cemeteries. Here, they decorated the entrance at North Kings Highway. The flowers were donated by VFW Post 399. (Photo/Amy Schneider)

3 responses to “Pic Of The Day #42

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    That’s so nice!

    I’m feeling warm and fuzzy. Good vibes from these Boy Scout’s actions. Bravo!

    I used to walk around that cemetery as a tot, with my Mom, and the old headstones were always interesting to me. (We lived in the Old Hill area at that time).

    It took a few decades later for me to truly realize the significance of it all. Because … education/exposure/awareness.

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

  2. Great Job, Scouts!! and thank you!!! It is a beautiful and sacred place that deserves the respect and care you showed!

  3. Bless the Fine Lads in the Boy Scouts !