Pic Of The Day #41

William Cribari (Bridge Street) Bridge (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

12 responses to “Pic Of The Day #41

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Love it!

  2. I know the bridge is controversial for present day Westporters. Get that. But can I say how much I love this picture and the memories of the bridge. Magical time in Westport for many of us. The sound of my bike riding over the wooden slats of sidewalk of the bridge to Peter’s Bridge Market… whether you all decide to get rid of it. LOVE this bridge.

    • i loved that sound too, and at the Saugatuck end of the Bridge was a
      service station, and i loved to check my tires there. i think it was called
      Cribari & Serena Garage. i hope they somehow leave that bridge alone.

      • Werner Liepolt

        Boccanfuso Brothers were the last to run the garage.

      • Me too, Buell. I hope they can leave it be. I also loved the river smell and the breeze as you rode over the bridge. It was a full sensory experience. Then I added Bazooka bubble gum to the the experience on the ride home. Outstanding childhood.

  3. Fred Cantor

    Wonderful composition.

  4. Susan Huppi

    Love this…I have fond memories of Westport. Funny…big rite of passage to drive over this bridge! Bought my first car at the gas station over the bridge. Shopped at Peters bridge market and Jerry’s Hardware.

  5. Sharon Saccary

    Brings back memories of my dad ever time I go over it.

  6. Karl Taylor

    In the 1930’s and ’40’s my brothers and I used to jump off White Rock into the Saugatuck River just upstream from the bridge. It was the Bridge Street Bridge then. We lived at 573 Imperial Avenue and rode our bikes down Wakeman Place to get to the rock. With the street numbers changed I don’t think I could find our old apartment now.

  7. Elisabeth Keane

    Wonderful photo of Bill’s Bridge.

  8. Wendy Crowther

    Great photo of Westport’s iconic bridge. Thank you, Patricia.

    Many don’t realize that the Saugatuck Swing Bridge, a.k.a. William Cribari Bridge, is still threatened for potential replacement by CT DOT. The next steps in the decision-making process will be occurring in the next few weeks. To be kept appraised of the situation, especially if you’d like to see the bridge preserved, log onto Westport Preservation Alliance’s (WPA’s) website. You can read about the bridge’s rich history and learn about its current, threatened status. Once on the website, you can sign up on the WPA’s mailing list to receive email notices when breaking news concerning the bridge occurs. The link is below:


    Full disclosure: I am one of the founding members of the WPA.

  9. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Everyone has captured the wonderful memories of “our” favorite bridge. Even the special sound of car tires on the bridge and the smell of the water when driving over it. The Boccanfuso Brothers garage and the Bridge Market also iconic memories. Take Wendy Crowther’s advice, check out the link and sign up for news..