Pic Of The Day #40

Staples High School seal, in front lobby (Photo copyright Lynn U. Miller)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #40

  1. Who created the design for the seal pictured on the flooors lobby?

  2. Scott Brodie

    I vaguely recall that the “Staples Seal” was actually created by the company which made the Staples class rings, perhaps Dieges and Clust. They though such a seal would be appropriate for one side of the ring design, and conjured the seal out of thin air. They sent the design to then-principal Jim Calkins, who thought it very appropriate, and it was quickly adopted, including inclusion in the Inklings masthead.

    The “iconography” was described as follows: The torch of course symbolizes knowledge and education. The year, “1885” was thought to be the founding of the School (which somehow was never corrected, as it is usually given as 1884!), The bridge over water represents the Saugatuck River, establishing the location of the school; the grape vine is taken from the Connecticut state flag, The stone arrowhead supposedly reflects the original Native American inhabitants and heritage of Westport, and the cannon suggests the town’s Revolutionary War history.

    The motto “Respect for Life” was likewise conjured out of thin air. At the time (late 1960s), this had a vague anti-war connotation (as in “War is not healthy for children and other living things.”); the possible suggestion of what is now called the “Pro-Life” position on abortion was not, to my recollection, discussed at the time.

    Mr. Calkins proudly displayed the original artwork of the Seal in the Principal’s Office. Perhaps it is still there??

    Scott Brodie (Staples ’70)