Pic Of The Day #37

When you see this at Compo Beach, Memorial Day is not far off. (Photo/Ward French)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #37

  1. Nancy Hunter

    Going to all lengths for perfection?

  2. Sally Campbell Palmer


  3. Michael Krein

    That looks like the chair I sat on in the late 60’s..no cushion!??

    • Timothy Hall Woodruff

      Maybe a towel but also no cushions in the late 70’s. Appreciated the faded red [Duckster?] issued Rec Commission lined windbreaker on some chilly afternoons on the beach and especially the cooler pool nights at Longshore.
      It was deliberately large as an awning but had an oh-so-cool large faded Red Cross on the back…
      I have so many happy memories of fun and laughter working with fantastic men and women in those happy summer days. I have also never forgotten my initial lifeguard interview with Joe Delko, who opened our discussion with “Timothy, people do not drown on our beaches!”