Calling All WWII Vets

More than 70 years ago, you served your country.

Later this month, Westport honors you.

If you’re a World War II veteran who would like to participate in this year’s Memorial Day parade, please call Ted Diamond: 203-227-7680 or 203-216-5609.

You can walk or ride. Your uniform may or may not fit. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you are there!

Ted Diamond and his wife Carol, on Veterans Green before the 2014 Memorial Day ceremony. Ted — now 99, and the 2007 grand marshal — flew 50 missions during World War II.

7 responses to “Calling All WWII Vets

  1. Carol Diamond

    Thanks, Dan, for your coverage. I really appreciate it. As a result, someone has offered a World War II jeep for the parade. That’s a first! Ted

  2. Diane Cady

    Thank you, Diamonds!

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, a WWII jeep! Very cool.

    Well deserving donation inspired by this “50 mission” pilot.

    Dan, have you done a piece about Ted Diamond previously?

    Just curious, because I’d love to hear his story about his experiences.

    Only a handful of vets are still around to tell their stories and point of views.

    I have a WWII vet living across the street from me. He’s in his 90’s as well. Don’t know his last name unfortunately. First name is Ed (lol, like THAT helps!)

    But he shared some experiences with my husband and I a few times, several years ago.

    Fascinating to hear their personal perspective vs. what’s in the history books or news-transcripts.


  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Wish my uncle still lived in Westport, I’d tell him to sign up. He was in the Navy and later at Yale with George H.W. Bush. I also wish I could chat with Ted. We have a friend, whose dad was a WWII pilot. He flew “The Hump” and aid missions as well as combat missions. He later became Mayor of the town we now live in. He served his country and later his community every day of his life. His name: Roy Cordés. We need to remember their sacrifices, valor and bravery. They are a dying generation, not just because of their age but because of their character and willingness to serve. We just aren’t “growing them” like we used to. Thank you Uncle Bud. Thank you Ted. Thank you former president George H.W. Bush and all the others.