Mailboxes Etc.: The Sequel

Last Friday, “06880” reported the vandalism of mailboxes on Cross Highway and in Greens Farms.

One of the stolen boxes was particularly upsetting. This weekend was the 3rd anniversary of the death of the homeowner’s husband.

When they moved into their home, she wanted a red mailbox. He bought it for her, as a gift. Now it was gone.

“06880” readers responded quickly. Several offered to contribute money for a new mailbox. One man said he’d ride his bike throughout the neighborhood, searching in the woods.

Yesterday, she awoke to a new mailbox.

Her friends had bought it, and installed it overnight.

It still must have been a tough Mother’s Day. But every day from now on, that red mailbox will remind her of her husband.

And her many Westport friends.

13 responses to “Mailboxes Etc.: The Sequel

  1. Janette Kinnally

    What a great outcome to a really sad story. Thanks to the community who came out to help in Westport.
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  2. Bonnie Bradley

    Oh, Dan. How wonderful! This act of kindness is just one example of why so many of your now far-flung former Westport residents follow you to keep in touch with our onetime, very special community’s compassionate and caring nature. It’s a Westport characteristic… and, like the rainbow, binds us all together wherever we end up.

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      Bonnie is right. I may still comment on the rainbow picture but at the moment it is still a little fresh to do so. If I do comment people will understand.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      What Bonnie said!! Ditto!

  3. That is a wonderfully uplifting story!

  4. My gosh! How lovely. My mother always told me that something good always comes out of something evil, because “Good is greater and always wins.” She got that one from God.

  5. Fred Cantor

    What a wonderful gesture.

  6. 🙂

  7. Allison El-Gamal

    Well, this got me right in the feels. I’m so happy she got her red mailbox. Thank you, Dan, for being so responsive and amazing for this community! This truly made my day!

  8. So nice to hear good news and that there are still good and kind people around 🙂

  9. Scott Broder

    Their still are good neighbors and wonderful people.
    Great outcome to a sad story.

  10. Dan, keep sending us stories of people’s kindness. We need to feel like there is hope for the planet.

  11. Jane Schaefer Johngren

    I absolutely second what Stephanie Bass has said, on both counts!