Nielsen Earns High Ratings From Gillespie Center

From old-timers like Gault and Mitchells to younger arrivals like JoyRide and Saugatuck Sweets, Westport is filled with local businesses that give back in countless ways to the town.

But multinational corporations do it too.

Today, Westporter Bruce Haymes joined a group of colleagues from Nielsen’s Wilton office in giving Westport’s Gillespie Center a thorough spring cleaning.

They worked on the yard, painted the picnic benches and repainted the interior.

Nielsen’s Wilton employees, earlier today at the Gillespie Center.

Passersby might have been impressed to see employees of the giant market research firm spending an entire day helping our local homeless shelter.

They would have been even more impressed if they’d known that one member of the work crew was Mitch Barns — CEO of the 40,000-employee company, with operations in 100 countries.

We give Nielsen the highest ratings for today’s show!

Nielsen CEO Mitch Barns repairs a chair.

5 responses to “Nielsen Earns High Ratings From Gillespie Center

  1. Dave Feliciano

    It’s wonderful for the people of the Westport / Weston to contribute to the Gillespie Center, and the many charitable endeavors. Our community gives generously with not only money, but with time. Our citizens, include children, and others family members the goodness of giving to teach the value of giving. I have lived in many communities in many different states and have never witnessed a more giving community. This is what makes our country a paragon of why people want to live here.

  2. Wondering why the people who use the facility can’t be helping?

  3. Virginia Tienken

    Wondering the same Christina. Would make them seem more a part of it.

  4. Lori Harrison

    It was generous of these people to give time and energy. I would rather see the residents responsible for their home. I see the residents, I hire them sometimes for yard work…. healthy and able to provide all that is needed to maintain their home. If locals want to help..let them work with them to acquire skills or hire them to work. That builds self esteem and will further their re-entry into independent living…

  5. Jeff Wieser, Pres., Homes with Hope

    Thanks for the comments and especially the appreciation for what a giving community we live in. Homes with Hope is very clear proof that that is the case! And thanks for giving me an opportunity to brag about about the residents of the Gillespie Center and Hoskins Place. When each resident arrives he or she is provided with the help of one of our trained social workers. They work out a plan to end homelessness which includes things they need to do to rebuild their lives. Because of these activities, and if they are able, they usually are away during the days fulfilling those obligations. If they are not helping themselves solve their problems they often do not stay with us. They are provided a list of chores to keep up the property on an ongoing basis, and they remain very involved through helping in the Community Kitchen and Food Pantry as well as general maintenance of the facility. That is why I hope all would agree that if people even know that there is a homeless shelter downtown they think it looks in very good shape.
    So, yes we love help from volunteers and when schedules allow we all work together. Thanks to all