I’m Guessing The Ford Was There Before The Nissan

Spotted at Compo Acres Shopping Center, by alert “06880” reader Matt Murray:

And in case you’re wondering: No, there is not usually a parking crunch at Patriot Bank.

This was taken yesterday. It was overflow parking for the Dog Festival.

11 responses to “I’m Guessing The Ford Was There Before The Nissan

  1. Jeff Seaver

    I hadn’t realized that disabled parking spaces are reserved for those with challenges from the neck up as well.

    • Kelly Asbury

      I agree. There is more than enough room on the other side. The white car is at fault here.

  2. We all know this feeling. This has happened to me a number of times. Once at Sherwood Diner I had to actually leave my car in the parking lot and get a ride. Tesla has solved this problem with the “summon” feature that backs the car out of any spot. (And no, this is not a “plug” for Tesla, no pun intended!)

  3. Paul Muller

    My guess, no handicapped sticker either, what nerve, Paul Muller.

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  4. Matt Murray

    Paul, there was a HP placard hanging from the mirror. In that aspect the car was “legal.” There were pet/dog stickers on the trunk lid so I would assume a visitor to the event.

  5. ….maybe we can get Nancy to fix the parking problem and let us Westporters fix the rest….

    • …except she already has her hands full editing Dan’s blog

    • Sharon Paulsen


      IMO, this is an unprovoked response, out of place, and passive-aggressively hostile.

      Not cute.

      If I were not a born and raised native Westporter, and read this comment as an outside viewer, I’d probably suggest that you go right ahead, and try to “fix” all the rest, right along with “your” entitled parking problems, to boot.

      (Bad parking … and inconsiderate behaviour exists … ahem … everywhere. What Dan posts here on a regular basis, is a universal, stress-releasing, and in my opinion, fun topic … open to all 06880’ers).

  6. Bill Rogers

    It is somewhat of a mystery to me why Nancy gets such a hard time. She often offers a fresh way of looking at things and frequently a bit of humor as well. Hang in there Nancy.

  7. Karl Taylor

    Once again, a parking fiasco with evidence that the Nissan parked after the Ford, because there is no way the Ford driver could get back in his/her car. Looks like this is an on-going problem that will not find a solution as long as authorities don’t pay attention to it. What can an angry victim that can’t get use of their car do? Call the police? Can the police do anything to help? Maybe the police should speak up so victims know what their rights are?