Photo Challenge #123

David Sampson, Joyce Barnhart, Sally Korsh and Jill Turner Odice all answered last week’s photo challenge with 2 words: “Onion Alley.”

Technically, Lynn U. Miller’s image (click here to see) actually showed the intriguing wrought-iron gate at the Main Street entrance to now-closed — and slated for demolition — Bobby Q’s.

Onion Alley was the restaurant a decade earlier. But that’s typical Westport: We often refer to places that live on in our memories.

James Weisz was the first reader to use the most recent name, Bobby Q’s.

Then there’s Jacques Voris. The Westport native — whose family’s roots here date back to the 1700s — called it both Bobby Q’s and Onion Alley. And, he noted, it was also the entrance to “African American church/housing.”

That’s right. Back in the 1940s, 2 dozen black men, women and children lived there. The address was “12 1/2 Main Street.” Set back a bit from the road was a warren of apartments, and a small church.

The complex burned to the ground in 1950. The cause of the blaze was never determined. But that’s another story entirely.

This week’s photo challenge is a bit different than most:

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

It’s the Compo Beach cannons — duh.

But do you know where in Westport you’d find this image?

Click “Comments” below if you know where you see it. And most of us do see it, all the time.

6 responses to “Photo Challenge #123

  1. John Terpening

    It’s above the vegetable section in Trader Joes

  2. Bruce Miller

    Photo challenge #123 of the wall at Trader Joes

  3. Susan Schmidt

    trader joes mural?

  4. Santini, Mike

    Dan, Hope you are well. Recently you had a night time picture of the cannons that I would like to purchase from the original photographer, do you happen to have contact info? Best, Mike Santini

  5. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    Some of those people who lived at 12 1/2 Main were our friends and classmates in the Westport School System!