Pic Of The Day #15

The Doughboy on Veteran’s Green (Photo/Seth Schachter)

15 responses to “Pic Of The Day #15

  1. Tara Fanuko

    Awesome shot!! He looks alive!

  2. Michael Brennecke

    Great shot. Great statue.

  3. Peter Barlow

    Statue by J. Clinton Shepherd. We should know this.

    • hi Peter, do you know in what year Mr. Shepherd made this work, and if it was a commission, who commissioned it ?

      • Peter Barlow

        Hi Buell – I got some information from Woody Klein’s book called “Westport Connecticut.” The statue, a monument to World War I veterans, wasn’t done until 7 years after the war ended. An earlier design was not approved by a town committee. The American Legion and VFW raised $10,000. and another sculptor, Mr. Shepherd who had also been a pilot, did the statue. Completed in 1925.

  4. Nancy Hunter

    The only, of so many Doughboy statues, holding his helmet?

  5. Jack Whittle

    Townies know where it was first placed, and no, not in front of Bedford El (lately known as Town Hall)

    • It was on the Post Road median near the foot of Long Lots Road, near the Clam Box restaurant (most lately known as Bertucci’s). Moved about 20-30 years ago, to a more appropriate location.

    • Jack Whittle

      I must admit I wondered about how such a statue came to be located in a rather odd place, especially so when considering the undeveloped nature of that spot when this statue was first placed there in the Post Road median. It does make more sense where it is now, grouped with the old KIA plaques that used to be found on the Post Road in front of old Town Hall.

  6. John Terpening

    Having grown up here I remember where he used to stand. I was out of town for a number of years. What year was he moved from his previous location and for what reason?

  7. Fred Jackson

    This great memorial needs to be better cared for. Two years ago I made a nuisance of myself to get Doughboy properly re-lighted. All lights having previously been out for months with no one at Parks&Rec seemingly even aware of it. Now the ugly patina on the statue needs to be removed. Rain apparently contributes to this condition, but it is certainly able to be rectified..
    With Memorial Day coming up this distinguished and haunting remembrance of the “War to End All Wars” deserves nothing less, nor do those heroes whom it represents. CLEAN IT UP!!!

  8. Michael Calise

    This is a great piece that got more attention on the post road but it is an inspiration where it now stands flanked by the monument to those who gallantly served thanks to Eddie Keene and many others who helped him fulfill his dream