We Have A Very High Bar For Entitled Parking Photos. This Person Surpassed It.

Alert “06880” reader — and downtown employee — Susan Shuldman parked in the Baldwin lot today.

When she returned to her car, she saw this:

Her car is the dark blue one in the center, parked in the yellow spot, facing a similarly legally parked silver vehicle.

And there — 4 inches from Susan’s rear bumper — is another car.

Smack in the middle of the parking lot.

Susan called the police. When the officer arrived, he noticed that the illegally parked car was unlocked. The keys were in the console.

The cop moved the car into a vacant spot. Susan — finally — was on her way.

So this was not somebody who dashed into Serena & Lily to pick up a quick bedroom set or whatever. He (or she) was there for quite a while.

“I guess the driver thought they were being considerate by leaving the keys!” Susan says magnanimously.

I would add something here.

But there are no words.

47 responses to “We Have A Very High Bar For Entitled Parking Photos. This Person Surpassed It.

  1. They knew no one would steal a Nissan Sentra. 🙂

  2. Martha Deegan

    They were hoping someone would steal that Nissan Sentra.

  3. Beth Berkowitz

    Wow, I guess they are either very trusting or very stupid in addition to being entitled.

    You’re right no words to really express the wow of this.

    I wonder if the police did or could follow up to at least speak to the driver of the car that parked illegally!

  4. Maybe it was stolen? They got tired of it and left it there…Here is Southern California, they steal them without the keys 🙂

  5. I was there for this one! No words, really. It was something to finally see one of these local epic parking fails in person.

  6. Nancy Hunter

    Political theatre, that’s all. Nissan vs BMW. Any Fords in that lot?
    Just blame Canada. Trump would. Quite a spoof!

    • You should be focusing on your own issues with Justin Bieber….oh sorry….Justin Trudeau….basically the same difference….who is not doing much for Canada right now.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Nancy. Please disappear. Your post was a complete insult.

  7. Improper parking is the subject most consistently commented upon in this 06880 blog. One commenter said the police would not get involved in who the violator was; they were just not interested. Here we have Westport residents who love their town and are willing to pay what it takes to live there. The police force earns collective salaries, including atrocious overtime and outside work payments that would be far and away above what anyone would believe. Well over $200,000 for several of these gendarmes. They apparently don’t care about the citizen’s concerns; only about making a gigantic buck just because they work in Westport. Living in Westport does not give anyone the right to become a scofflaw, but they continue to exist. Perhaps the police should be more interested in taking care of their constituents and less about their pocketbooks.

    • ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Harry Smiley

      Hey Karl!! Please give some facts to your rant. Point out where the Police did not take any action in a public parking lot. The police have no authority to issue parking tickets in a private parking lot unless it is a fire lane or a properly marked state handicap sign.

  8. Paula Martin Roveda

    Oh Dan, if I still lived there, you would have heard me swearing wherever you were. Then I would have stuck a banana up their tailpipe.

  9. Not sure I would have had the restraint to do the right thing in this case. If I found this car blocking me in, I would have likely moved it far away and made the keys that much harder to find. Or is that too spiteful?

  10. Yesterday I was on Main Street and there was a New Jersey car, I think a jeep, barely parked right in front of a fire hydrant, sticking way out into the street. A police was driving by and ticketed the car. And again, it wasn’t a short stop, running in, and running out, because when I returned from 45 minutes of shopping, the car was still there!!!! I was amazed that someone would do that, and then just read your post!

  11. Bart Shuldman

    Dan. I know who was blocked in. I am told the police came to help but DID NOT ticket the car. If so, then how does this nonsense stop?

    • As Harry Smiley noted above — which I think is true — “the police have no authority to issue parking tickets in a private parking lot unless it is a fire lane or a properly marked state handicap sign.”

      • Bart Shuldman

        Dan-was this a private lot? It was the all day parking lot-is that owned by westport?

        • Good point!

          • Bart Shuldman

            The Westport police owe us all an answer. I am a big fan of our town police force, but if they could have ticketed the car, then why did they decide not to, which would have sent a strong message.

      • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

        Unasked/answered question: If the police can’t ticket a car in a private parking lot how come they could move it?

  12. Nancy Hunter

    On a “serious note”, if the driver of the Nissan showed up and drove away just before the police arrived, wouldn’t Susan be in a bit of trouble for taking police away from a serious task?

  13. Ouch.

  14. “Good question, Jamie. $100 US = only about $75 CDN. So, I’ll gladly send the difference if it makes you happy.”

    $100 US = $133 Canadian.

    • Nancy Hunter

      and, “If economists want to be trusted again, they should learn to tell jokes”!

  15. Elaine Marino

    Dan – Does your bank charge a fee to clear a foreign check? Depending on the amount of the fee, it may not make sense to cash a check for CDN 100.


    • Nancy Hunter

      I should have sent a money order instead.

      • Nancy Hunter

        — as I did last time.

        • Nancy is a consistent and generous contributor to “06880.”

          • Bart Shuldman

            Thanks Dan. I appreciate knowing that at least she is contributing to the hard work you do. 06880 is a blessing for Westport. Not only does it provide great stories of the history of Westport and some ‘inside baseball’ stories also, 06880 keeps us all informed of the decisions our town makes.

            Dan-your love of Westport shines thru. You have turned that into the most important news and information and history source in our town.

            We love you and our town and 06880. And if my passion comes thru as I watch the difficulties we face in the state and sometimes in our town, I plead guilty. I know I might have a different perspective but at the end it about my love for Westport.

            Dan-we could never thank you enough.

  16. Send money via Facebook. I kid you not. No fees and instantaneous unlike Paypal. Only requirement is a debit cards. I’ve done it a bunch of times. So ends my public service announcement. Your welcome Dan. 🙂

  17. Or google wallet. No fees and just need a gmail email address.