Pic Of The Day #9

Compo Beach cannons at night (Photo copyright Dave Dellinger)

12 responses to “Pic Of The Day #9

  1. Kathleen Brannigan Fazio

    This is just magical! What a beautiful photo.

  2. Most beautiful pic yet!!

  3. Hanne Jeppesen

    Beautiful picture. Lots of memories, about the same as I wrote in my comments on Dan’s blog “Loving Compo” on April 24th. So I won’t elaborate and bore everyone.

  4. Bobbie Herman

    Magnificent! A classic.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow! Really … just Wow!

  6. This is an awesome picture… we should try and get it … >

  7. That is amazing!!! I wish I had been there to see it in person.

  8. This is extraordinary – war and peace

  9. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    Yes, the sky is beautiful, it’s a feeling of peace and tranquility especially seeing the cannons

  10. Hi Dan

    Can you connect me with Dave Dellinger?

    Thanks! Alli

    Alli Q DiVincenzo (310) 804 1148 cell AlliQDesign.com

  11. Can the photographer Dave please contact me?

  12. This is amazingly gorgeous! !! Ok we need the 06880 art photography book!