All That Confusion Between Bravo And Rio Bravo Is Over

First came Bravo. The Italian restaurant replaced V, in the Post Road strip mall near Balducci’s.

Then came Rio Bravo 2 doors down, a Mexican restaurant with absolutely no connection to Bravo — other than the name.

Bravo did not last long. Inefficient service may have had something to do with its demise.

Now Julian’s has opened up in the old Bravo space. It’s the 3rd location for the brick oven pizza place. There’s one in Monroe, and another in Saugatuck.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

So now, instead of saying “Do you mean Bravo the Italian restaurant, or Rio Bravo the Mexican one?” you can say: “Is that the Julian’s on Riverside Avenue, or the one on the Post Road?”

5 responses to “All That Confusion Between Bravo And Rio Bravo Is Over

  1. Julian’s opened next to rio bravo! Yum!!

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  2. Do you know anything about Wuji Restaurant? We saw a sign in the window of its restaurant in Rye saying it was moving to Westport. Organic Chinese….sounds perfect for Westport.

  3. Actually Rio Bravo is in the space formerly occupied by ‘V’. When they opened we had the question of whether they were connected to ‘Bravo’, and they said they got that question all day, every day. I bet they’re happy…

  4. Julian’s is a great place to eat. Wish them the best of luck in their new big home. Can’t wait to go.

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