Drew Angus Does SNL

If you saw “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, you (hopefully) roared at Melissa McCarthy’s spot-on skewering of Sean Spicer. (“I know they’re not ‘holocaust centers.’ I clearly meant to say ‘concentration clubs.'”)

Drew Angus had a front-row seat to the show.

In fact, even better: The 2007 Staples High School graduate — a talented musician and “American Idol” golden ticket winner — was on stage.

Let him tell the story:


I got a call from my voice coach at 2:09 last Thursday afternoon. He asked, “are you in town right now? SNL gig. They need 2 white guys who can sing. Giving your phone number to them right now.”

Two minutes later the drummer from the band Shawn called, and asked how quickly I could get to 30 Rock.

I got there fast. How often does an opportunity like this come around?!

At guest check in they said, “Oh, Mr. Angus, right this way!” I went up the elevator, down the hall and through the doors to the Studio 8H set. I was living a childhood dream.

Immediately I saw the iconic Grand Central Station facade/bandstand behind all the hanging lights, moving scenery pieces, cameras, cables and crew.

They put me right on the scene.  My friend Ian, who also got called, taught me the song we were to sing. (We were hired to reinforce the melody with the cast.)

A kid named Harry introduced himself. I looked at the script, and realized he was Harry Styles.

Jimmy Fallon sat in front of me. Bobby Moynihan stood next to me. It seemed unreal. I’d gone from Head Mouse in “The Wiz” to Union soldier on SNL.

We rehearsed the sketch 5 or 6 times, then got sent to wardrobe. We were measured up, and on our way in an hour and a half.

Later that night, I was playing the Bon Jovi after-party with my band that’s on tour supporting my new record “Hold onto Something” (available on Spotify and iTunes!).

Shawn called again, asking if I could come in at 8:30 the next night to do another thing for the opening monologue. I canceled my Friday gig

Of course, there’s another Westport connection.

I showed up Friday night to sing background vocals in the booth on Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” during the opening monologue. My friend Ian got the same call, along with a guy named Frank Simms.

Frank has done SNL hundreds of times. He knows the ropes, and everyone knows him. He was our shepherd for the night.

Nile Rodgers

Frank and his brother sang the backing vocals on the original “Let’s Dance” record, produced by Nile Rogers — who has lived in Westport for years.

Frank said he, his wife and daughter lived for many years as caretakers of the Westport Woman’s Club house on Imperial Avenue.

Saturday was long. Call time was 11:30 a.m. Rumors of Nile Rogers playing on the opening monologue came true when he showed up in the afternoon.

We went through rehearsals, they cut sketches, we got wardrobe. Jimmy told me to break a leg as we passed in the hallway.

The food was amazing. The crew was awesome.

At 8 p.m. we did dress rehearsal with a test audience. The producers then met for final changes.

We went live at 11:30 across the country — for the very first time in SNL history — with Jimmy Fallon as host.

Drew Angus (right), on “Saturday Night Live.”

The energy was truly electric. I think the cast really has as much fun as it looks like they do.

At some point between the dress and live shows, Frank took us up to Nile’s dressing room. We talked about Sally’s Place, Trader Joe’s, Achorn Pharmacy, Bobby Q’s, Bedford Square, Arnie’s Place, and how all the mom and pop shops are gone from Main Street.

Then they called Nile down to the stage and we left.

It was insane.  I still have no words.  Tina Fey smiled at me in the hall.

It will be hard to top that weekend.

Thanks, Drew, for that great inside look into SNL. But I disagree with your last sentence. 

One day soon, you’ll be a featured artist — or guest host!

Meanwhile, click below for the full video of Drew’s “SNL” appearance:

12 responses to “Drew Angus Does SNL

  1. Matthew Mandell

    I loved the opening monologue sequence, one of the best in what sometimes is a poorly written part of the show. Fallon executed it cold, they all did.

    Good Westport Connections there. I saw Nile, but love the back story.

  2. Sanrdra Calise Cenatiempo

    WOW! Fantastic! So exciting! Cool! Way to go Drew!

  3. I’ve been to the dress rehearsal of SNL twice. 8PM so you get out at a reasonable time. They tape it and run it simultaneous to the live show as a back-up in case something unwanted happens live. 1st time original cast and Bill Murray comes out to warm up the crowd. He was great but the show sucked.

  4. I happened to catch the first 20 minutes of the show. The “Lets Dance” segment was incredible! Still can’t get it out of my head..Very, very cool…

  5. Very cool story. It is fascinating the different ways SNL writers put together the show and how it all comes off so seamlessly in the end.

    PS–love how Sally White’s influence has been expressed in two successive “06880” stories.

  6. Nancy Hunter

    “They need 2 white guys who can sing.” That’s funny. Beyond funny.

  7. What a lucky break and aren’t we blessed to have a superstar as nice as Nile Rodgers living right here on Saugatuck Shores? Break a leg!

  8. James Honeycutt

    Drew, dreams do come true and you have been knocking politely on the door for years. Nice to see you having a performance moment you’ll never forget! Cheers! Mr.H.

  9. Susan Iseman

    Excellent SNL opening- so exciting! Good work everyone.

  10. Drew, how cool was that?

    On Saturday night, the entire Feliciano Clan was at home together celebrating the Easter Vigil. Jose and Jonnie had just returned home earlier in the evening from 26 days of recording in Europe, so the mood was already upbeat.

    Then, somebody heard that ‘Drew Angus’ was going to be on SNL and the next vigil began – this one, in the den: ‘Is it really true? Is he really gonna be on SNL? THERE HE IS!!!’ There he is, indeed.

    Very, very cool for us, too, Drew! Congrats, my Dear!!!

  11. Great story, but I’m not sure Drew got to see Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer in person this week. Reportedly, that portion of the show was actually piped in live from Los Angeles, not New York.

  12. Kevin Godburn

    Awesome…Congrats Drew!

    Another tiny SNL/Westport connection: A band called Jared Scharff & The Royals used to play Toquet Hall pretty frequently and developed a nice local student following. They stopped coming up as their lead singer/guitarist, Jared Scharff, eventually found his other gig requiring more time…as the current guitarist of the Saturday Night Live band.