Friday Flashback #35

A few Friday Flashbacks ago I posted a postcard from the block across from the 1908 library, on the Post Road.

A 2nd photo showed the Club Grill, a popular 1940s-’50s restaurant at the corner of Taylor Place and the Post Road. Owners included the Gault and Papageorge families (the latter of Oscar’s fame).

At some point the Club Grill became Muriel’s Trolley Diner. It looked like one of the trolley cars that stopped right outside its front door.

(Photo courtesy of Paul Ehrismann)

In the photo above you see the library building in the background, across the Post Road, and the Klaff’s store that (with Muriel’s) burned in November of 1974.

But here’s something I never noticed: “Trolley” is misspelled as “Trolly” on the side of the diner.

16 responses to “Friday Flashback #35

  1. Peter Barlow

    A surprise! I don’t remember the diner being made to look like a trolley at all! The spelling of “TROLLY” is not actually wrong, just not often seen. And was probably not intentional here.

  2. Bruce J. Kent

    Wonderful trip down fading memories lane Dan; thank you! Hitting the link THE BLOCK brought back flood of memories. We used to hit the diner regularly after school when we were 16 – but when we became “adults” and very sophisticated at 17 we preferred Ship’s Lantern where not only could we get served, but they had the best hamburgers in town!

  3. This is what it looked like in the sixties? That is, it looked like a railroad car and was painted red? I have zero recollection of that.

  4. I also don’t remember it looking like this, but the food was good! I do remember when that whole block burned…Very sad 🙁

  5. Arline Gertzoff

    When was it Muriels?The diner on the corner was metal and green and Papageorge ‘s grandfather ran it at least in the 40’s and later .My late father’s business was where the green restaurant is now on Taylor Place corner of Jesup Green and they ate at the corner diner Cannot put the rest of that tale in print.Need some clarification here

  6. Wow! The World of Weiners came later!

  7. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    I don’t ever remember it being red but I do remember it as looking like a diner car on a train. In my day we were more likely to hang out after school at Colgans drug store for Cherry Cokes.

  8. Michael Calise

    Club Grill was the best diner with real food. More properly known as Jack’s Diner

  9. Bonnie Bradley

    I join Mary Schmerker and 4 others above: don’t remember it being red either. .. always green.

  10. Caryl Beatus


  11. Nancy Hunter

    A clever ruse, no doubt.

  12. Thomas W. Nistico Sr.

    Love this one Danny !

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  13. Patty Graves

    There it is ! I have a memory of that diner, I mostly remember it being red. It was a place we’d go with my Dad very early on weekend mornings after a walk on the beach, he’d take me to that diner for breakfast. Thank you to validate that memory.

  14. Peter Prigge

    I only remember it as green. It used to stay open all night during big snow storms could get coffee and sandwiches when coming into refuel and make repairs behind the Fine Arts. Pin ball machine was well used.

  15. Me too

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