The 2nd Osprey Family

The ospreys at Terrain/Fresh Market are Westport’s favorite raptors. Their nest is visible to everyone shopping or driving on that busy Post Road stretch.

The pair at Longshore is less visible — but just as majestic.

Alert (and patient) “06880” reader Alan Beasley snapped this shot near Gray’s Creek.

He says the male is hovering over the nest, while the female observes.


(Photo/Alan Beasley)

5 responses to “The 2nd Osprey Family

  1. Dave Stalling

    Great photo of some magnificent birds! Where I live, in Montana, the ospreys have just recently returned; a sure sign of spring. I just returned from a walk along the Bitterroot River where I watched a large male snatch a cutthroat trout from the water. They are impressive anglers!

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    Super photo, Alan. Please keep us posted on these interesting fish hawks .

  3. There is another one busily building a nest at the very top of the northeast tower of the Metro North RR bridge over the Saugatuck River. (apparently they wanted the penthouse view!)

  4. Nancy Hunter

    Friendly skies.

  5. Michele Lamothe

    There’s been one perched on the utility pole at the sharp bend on Harbor Road in Saugatuck Shores for the last week that appears to be starting to build a nest too.